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A dear friend told me that she has been seeing all the strife and division, people hating others who have different opinions or colors. 

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“What if I just love these people?” she asked. 

So she started to get curious, and began to try to love them. When she was feeling clear, she could do it. But when she was in a low mood, she couldn’t even bear to be around them.

Her question for me was, “Is it like that for you, too?”

I thought about it for a bit, and noticed something.

When I know that we are all swimming in an ocean of love, when I know that every one of us and everything is actually made of love, when I feel it, I don’t have to try to love them, because I know that I am love.

Love is the natural result. As soon as I drop out of any thinking that says, “This is not okay!” and I’m without judgement, as soon as I fall into this present moment, I know that I’m in a sea of love. I feel it, and no effort is required.

It can be so much easier than it is when we are thinking about “trying” to love people.

Everyone knows that space of quiet, that space of love. Even if they don’t know it’s our natural state. 

We’ve all touched it at one point or another. It’s never very far away. Only one thought – drop one thought – and there we are. 

In love with each other.

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