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What a week, eh?

The grand finale: a phenomenal Blue Flower Moon with Scorpio energy which is (so I hear) the perfect time for letting go.

So ends Week 1 of my 30 Day Crazy Marketing Experiment.

My Week #1 Focus was doing it all WRONG (according to my Human Design type.) Lots of inviting, initiating, busting my butt, making offers, and selling all the time.

Here’s what I did to “Generate” each day:

  • Invite one person (or more) to a conversation
  • Sell as much as possible via email, conversation, social media, etc.
  • Connect with 5 new people on social media
  • Message one person on LinkedIn
  • Sell in every conversation

I focused my activities on Facebook and LinkedIn because these social media sites seem to facilitate my connection style the most.

I did an email and social media promotion of my upcoming Irresistible Website Copy Magic Workshop, and invited 12 people to have conversations with me.

What am I learning thus far?

#1 – Doing it “wrong” is more effective than doing nothing.

I’m deliberately engaging in a way that doesn’t feel exactly natural for me.

Even so, people are responding, I’m making connections and even (wonder of wonders!) enjoying myself.

The more time and attention you place on something, the more results you’re likely to get. This should be a no brainer, but often it isn’t.

#2 – It takes time to build relationships, momentum and sales.

Even though I have established sales funnels, it’s taking some trial and error to figure out the rhythm and recipe of marketing differently.

And I’ve been a bit impatient.

So I’m reminding myself to keep taking one action at a time to nurture those relationships, knowing that it will all come in time.

#3 – What you focus on grows.

Seems I’ve heard that before somewhere…

While I’m doing all this marketing experimentation, my insight into my own marketing and branding strategy is growing, along with my inspiration for its implementation.

Go figure. 

#4 – Content creation is easy when I go with the Flow.

Friday morning began at a relaxed pace…

And unleashed a burst of content-creation that was totally unexpected. And possibly coffee-fueled.

I allowed myself to ride the wave and churned out a post, video and an article in about an hour.

That was pretty damn fun.

As this week wraps, I’m a little tired from this pace, but I’m enjoying the experiment and ready for more!

Coming Up In Week Two…

In Week 2 of my 30 Day Crazy Marketing Experiment, I’m going “Projector” style.

Marketing will go at a slower pace (thank goodness!) and while I’ll still be connecting and inviting people to conversations, I’ll wait for “recognition” before doing so.

We’ll see what happens next.

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