The shift from dreading “marketing” and “sales” to enjoying these activities as much as you do helping clients is closer than you think. 

Bonus: when you actually enjoy sharing what you do, you’ll attract clients with ease.

Let me show you…

First, does the idea of falling in love with “marketing” feel impossible?

Good. It’s not necessary.

STEP #1 – DELETE the offending idea altogether. You simply don’t do “marketing” anymore. 

(I call this Un-Marketing your business.)

Take the pressure off. 

Now, the reason this works is that it’s not the activities themselves that inspire dread — it’s the thoughts you’re feeling about them.

(Go ahead and re-read that sentence if it sounds wonky. You are FEELING your THINKING.)

Let’s take these made-up concepts off the table by simply not doing them anymore.

It’s a fabulous way to open up the possibilities for something new and much, much more fun.

Okay. Now that you’re no longer “marketing” and “selling…”

STEP #2  – Identify what you love doing most in your business.

What really lights you up?

This part should be easy. 🙂

STEP #3 – Wonder about it.

Wondering is NOT searching for a solution. It’s simply taking a look with curiosity and willingness to see whatever you see. It’s an openness to see something new.

Now let’s wonder together:

What if doing what you love IS how you attract clients?

I wonder what that might look like?

Begin to imagine what it might be like to let what you love BE the way you connect with people. Drop all the strategies and tactics. Forget all the ways you’ve been taught it’s supposed to be done.

Let it be as simple as it really is. 

Notice how much more SPACE there is. Yes! Like that.

This is how you find your own personal Fun Factor in business.

I’ve been doing this 1:1 with client-playmates for some time, and it’s usually pretty obvious to me where their fun and aliveness lives because it always starts right Here and Now, in this moment. In fact, you’re already doing it because it’s your true nature.

Once you find the Fun Factor, we play with it. We experiment and explore different ways this might look inside your life and business.

Rumi quote and simple un-marketing at The Awakened Business

The play and lightheartedness emerges because it’s always been there, waiting for you to notice.

If you’ve been really bogged down in these things, this might sound far-fetched. So let me give you a couple examples of how to hop on the trail of fun with (Un)Marketing.

I’ve been asking people what’s the LEAST FUN and the MOST FUN in their businesses. (See the link to these threads in the comments.)

I’ll hone in on what people say they love and pick a random comment. This person LOVES:

“Creativity and learning new things about myself and others all the time.”


So how can you get creative and learn new things with other people?

What would be the coolest way to share your creativity and learning?

This person is a coach. So he might:

* Invite people to a discussion where they learn something new.

* Host a podcast where he coaches someone live.

* Play a game in a social media post where everyone lists their biggest challenge at the moment, and our coach answers with a creative question or response to help everyone learn something new.

There are a million ways he might let “creativity and learning new things” be the way he connects with new clients by following what’s fun for him. 

Choose something you love to do ANYWAY, and it’s always a win. You’re also at your most magnetic when you’re having fun, which makes it far more effective.

Are you beginning to see how this works?

Let’s explore another random example:

“The most fun is creating beauty.”

Ah! This was shared by a beauty maven and ageless activation goddess.

So I might ask: 

What would be the most fun you can have creating beauty and sharing it with people?

It might be:

* A video of creating a beautiful look.

* Telling the story of creating beauty with a gorgeous image.

* A coaching call where she shares a beauty experience with a group.

Keep playing with ideas until you find one that has you giggling and grinning like a kid. 

It doesn’t feel like “marketing” at all, does it?

That’s exactly the point.

There is always, always a way to find YOUR playfulness in business when you’re willing to be curious and see something new.

I can’t tell you how much fun I have doing this with my client-playmates!

Right now I have ONE space available for a 3-6 month coaching and messaging journey playing with me 1:1 to create a business where what you love IS how you share it. This is for experienced coaches, healers or wellness practitioners.

We’ll craft irresistible messaging woven with your deep purpose and genius gifts to attract your soulmate clients, and discover your authentic way of reaching them with playful un-marketing. No hype or endless social media posting required. 

This is for good writers and/or speakers who love sharing what they know, and who are ready to create something BIG. It’s currently priced at the mid-four figures, with monthly payment options. 

Contact me if this sounds like you and we’ll have a chat to see what emerges.

Yours in creative play,