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What if claiming your voice and stepping into your identity is like putting on a mask?

Our conversational adventure begins when Phoebe reveals the card she pulled before or chat, “The Mask.” Most of the time I’ve associated masks with hiding my true self, but this time we explore the gifts of the masks we wear, and Phoebe shares vulnerably about her own transformational and creative journey.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • How putting on a mask can actually reveal more of yourself
  • The power of pure intention
  • Getting triggered by the past
  • The mask of victimhood
  • Reclaiming the word “surrender”
  • Being a simulation in each others’ video game

Listen to the podcast here:

Claiming Your Identity & Embodying Your Story

Our identity is constantly changing and flexible. Putting on a new persona can reveal more of yourself so the outsides match your insides. It’s helpful to ask, “How do I really want to show up?” We can drop the mask when it’s no longer useful.

Pure intention is aligning with what’s asking to be created through you, with no expectations or agenda. When we have a pure intention, there’s no friction, and it happens. Ask, “What pure intention can I bring to this?”

“We have these different masks to live out our pure intention, listening and dancing with the universe.” – Phoebe Leona

You can shift the way you show up in an environment without having to be inauthentic. This gives us freedom and fluidity to align with the energy of a new situation.

Noticing the stories you’re making up opens up the choice to tell a new one. Sometimes our stories are like masks we put on when we’ve given a painful meaning to a situation. It’s okay to have stories, but you don’t have to believe them.

Surrender isn’t passive; it’s being with what is. It requires a willingness to let all experiences move through us, even the beautiful ones. In her book, Phoebe writes letters to her emotions to personify them so they’re less personal, making them easier to be with.

Your heart space holds the truth. Thoughts and feelings are volatile and not the place to look for direction. Instead, look to the space within for guidance.

Our thoughts are like masks through which we see the world. They aren’t showing us what’s really happening. The world will look different through the lens of our thoughts.

You don’t have to show up with your memories and stories the same way every time. There’s always an opportunity to show up fresh and curious.

Focus on what you want, not how it’s going to happen. Phoebe felt a call to keep her readings fresh by incorporating a multi-dimensional experience of dance, art, poetry and audience participation that’s different every time.

 “What is that pure intention within you?” – Phoebe Leona

Meet Phoebe Leona, Author, Dancer & Teacher


Founder of the nOMad Collective and creator of somatic practice, Mvt109TM and 500 E-RYT,
Phoebe is an author, dancer, yoga teacher, and guide who helps people feel more embodied
through somatic movement, and expanded awareness practices to become more empowered in who they are, who they are becoming, and have a greater sense of belonging. She has been a teacher and guide for over 20 years but it was after a year of extreme loss in 2013 when she found herself in the vast open space in between her old life and a new life, that she dove deeply into her practices and began her company, nOMad to help others through their own transitions and spaces in between.

Throughout that time, Phoebe also developed her own movement/somatic practice,
Mvt109TM for students to fully embrace the freedom of moving in their bodies, transform
old and held patterns, and reclaim the vibrations & stories they want to bring to life. Her
Mvt109TM practice is featured in her course on DailyOM. Phoebe also finds joy
in sharing her story to help others in their own transformation.

You can learn more about Phoebe’s story on her TEDx Talk, her podcast The Space in Between, her chapter in the multi-authored book, Caged No More, and her solo book, Dear Radiant One that is now available.

Connect with Phoebe

Phoebe website: https://www.phoebeleona.com

nOMad website: https://www.thenomadcollective.org

Mvt109 website: https://www.mvt109.com

IG (Phoebe): https://www.instagram.com/phoebeleona.love/?hl=en

IG (nOMad): https://www.instagram.com/thenomadcollective

The Space In Between Podcast:

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