A cry for help from a Facebook group and my response that may hold something for you…

“I need some moral support and advice!

“I work with people who have been through cancer treatment (and sometimes people who are in treatment or recently diagnosed as well). 

“Although I went through treatment myself in 2010 and 2014, I never felt that it was part of my identity, didn’t tell people about it unless it came up, and don’t use the term ‘survivor’ to describe myself. 

“For this and many other reasons, I did NOT focus on people who had been through diagnosis and treatment. 

“However, my business was floundering because I wasn’t stepping into the space where I have the most powerful story to tell, the deepest connection to peoples’ suffering, and the strongest calling to help. 

“After spending several months in coaching, I am finally committing to this work (and practicing saying ‘I work with…’ over and over again – I’m getting pretty boring at parties:)

“For some reason, no matter how much Seth Godin I read and amazing support and advice I get, I can’t shake this feeling that no one wants me to market to them and that they will feel intruded upon in their pain if I do so.

I am giving a free public talk in a few weeks that is a memoir of my experience and closes with an offer to work with me. 

“What if they will feel like they’ve been bait-and-switched by my free talk? What if they are offended by the ask? 

“I know that this work is coming through me – it’s not about my ego and it’s not up to me. Even if everyone is mad at me, this is what I’m supposed to do. 

“So why is it keeping me up at night?!? 

“I’m avoiding practicing my talk because I am having trouble owning this critical aspect of it. Lately I’ve been thinking that my billboard should be ‘What seems like the hardest thing? Do that.’

“I’m sure so many of you have been through similar processes, or watched others flail around in this sea of angst. Please – I need ALL THE TOOLS!”

My Answer

“…no one wants me to market to them…”

You’re right, lovely.

Do YOU want to be marketed to?

Me neither.  

What I do want is to be…

🔥 Inspired by the stories of others

🔥 Guided by those who’ve been there and made it through the tough times

🔥 Reminded of my own power

What if you tell your story and close with something like this?

“I know how tough this journey can be, and it’s my mission to show you that you’re SO MUCH MORE than a ‘survivor.’ You don’t have to be alone. If you’d like a guide, I offer [coaching, teaching, courses, etc.] then [do this thing].”

What if it’s as simple as that?

Hell, I want to hear that story even though I’m not battling cancer. But I have my own demons.

I applaud you for offering your assistance where it can make such a difference.

Your story will open their hearts, win their trust and they’ll know if you’re the person to help or they’ll be curious to learn more.

What if it’s okay for people get offended?

What if it’s okay for you to be nervous…and do it anyway?

What if it’s okay for you to do this imperfectly?

Please, share your story with the world. Imperfectly, with shaking knees or however else it may look.  

Yours in creative play,


P.S. Powerful questions of possibility are one of my favorite tools. 🙂

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