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Anita Anello is a former software executive who left the corporate world to follow her “God sized” calling.” Now, she is exploding with creativity in her business and wants to share that enthusiasm with you.

We have a conversation about overcoming, getting unstuck, and the beauty of how we set each other free.

Listen on the Podcast:

Here’s some of what we explore: 

  • How to overcome the challenges of life
  • Anita’s framework for overcoming
  • Practicing self love and courage
  • The importance of sharing your story to help set others free
  • The antidote to the American work ethic and burnout
  • Seeing through fear of success and imposter syndrome  


Facing Challenges, Feeling Stuck and Setting Each Other Free

“It’s not that the trials aren’t going to come or the hard stuff’s not going to be there, it’s how quickly can i recover.” – Anita Anello

Trials are going to happen and you will overcome them. We can get a false impression from social media that everyone else is living a perfect life. Everyone faces challenges, but knowing you’ll get through helps you to recover faster and get back to enjoying life.

Anita’s framework for overcoming includes: reading Scripture, prayer, exercise and reaching out to loved ones and trusted friends when she feels stuck, and writing down her wins for tomorrow. As soon as you shift your attention away from stuckness, you’ll have a new experience. You can choose to focus on your successes instead.

“I love wrestling with God.” – Anita Anello

Anita’s confidence comes from knowing she knows how to overcome. No matter who you are and what’s happened, you’ve made it through to where you are now. We can rely on our resilience to overcome.

“We all have the ability to help one another get set free.” – Anita Anello

When you know you’re in a low mood and that it will pass, it makes it easier to get through. When we pay attention, we notice the feeling always shifts, even in the midst of a difficult time there are peaceful moments.

Anita shifted from a belief in hard work or education to get ahead, into freedom as an entrepreneur. She knows from experience that you can end up working twice as hard for no money running your own business, but now she makes more money in less time. Now she’s unleashing her skills in the marketplace through creativity, removing blocks and seeing possibilities for herself and others.

Seeing through fear of success means you can tell a new story. The abundance and possibility was already there, but now we can see it.

“The abundance was already there, but now I can see it. It was already all there.” – Anita Anello

When you invest, you show up differently. We choose transformation when we invest in creating change in ourselves.

The feeling of Imposter Syndrome is just a story. Anita points out that it’s impossible not to be yourself, and the experience of “Imposter Syndrome” simply can’t be true.

Bring your ideas into form through action. Seeing through the invisible walls you’ve created unleashes your power and creativity.

“Real life happens when we’re willing to step into that cycle of growing.” – Anita Anello

Meet Anita Anello, Entrepreneur & Coach

Anita Anello helps corporate women of faith in the tech industry who want to break free of corporate life and develop a consulting business by providing spiritual guidance and support as they transition in a new phase of their career. She offers practical advice and resources to help them establish and grow their consulting business, such as tips for building a client base, setting rates, and finding a healthy work-life balance as they work towards their goal of working 20 hours a week while making 2-3 times their previous income.

Connect with Anita

Website: https://www.eliteentrepreneurs.vip/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therippleaffectdotnet

LinkedIn: https://www.instagram.com/the.ripple.affect

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@anita.rippleaffect.coach

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm2HvROcZnbJowi5R33RpZA

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