Spark Hunter

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Once upon a time there lived a Spark Hunter. 

He dedicated his life to searching for the spark that would set his soul on fire because he knew that he was destined to change the world. 

He searched everywhere for a spark. 

Under rocks, on the top of mountains, beneath the eyelids of his sleeping loved ones. 

There was no where he would not go and nothing he would not do to find the spark he was sought. 

“My spark must be out there somewhere,” he said. 

The Spark Hunter looked everywhere he could think of and found nothing. 

A wise monk told him, “Your spark does not live in the world. It lives within you.” 

So the Spark Hunter retreated to a cave where he lived as a hermit, meditating upon his purpose and searching the depths of his soul for a spark. 

While he grew quiet and learned much about the inner workings of his mind, the Spark Hunter still could not find the spark that would set his soul on fire and change the world. 

One day when the Spark Hunter was on his way to draw water from the creek, he saw a rock that he knew he must climb. It was strong and rough, with crevices for his hands and feet, ancient and mysterious. 

The climb required all his limbs and all his effort. There was no room for thinking. 

The Spark Hunter lost himself and became pure presence as he climbed. 

As he did, something happened.

The rock kindled a spark within the Spark Hunter and set him on fire.

As he climbed, he burned with passion and purpose.

He took the spark inside him back to his people and told them the secret.

“The spark is already within you,” he said. “In order to find it, you must follow what draws you out into the world. Collide with life. One day, you will find yourself on fire with loving what is, and you will burn with the fire that has always been yours.”

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