Poison is the medicine

Once the children of the earth played and sang together with wild abandon.

They came together to build bridges over lakes and streams, plant trees and harvest their fruits. They wove wild flowers through their hair and played games in ripe fields.

Then one day, Poison visited the children of the earth.

Poison infiltrated the air and water, and everyone who touched it became gravely ill. Many of them died, and the land grieved with them.

No one knew where Poison came from, but each child blamed another. 

Soon, they were no longer playing together. The children spent their days pointing fingers and tending their sick loved ones.

They huddled in caves and cabins, shutting out the world.

It was a dark and lonely time that seemed as if it would never end.

One day, a young girl had a dream that reminded her of the days when she’d played with the other children. She remembered what it was like to run with them hand in hand, the way it was before Poison came.

“We came into this world together,” the girl said, speaking loudly enough that everyone could hear. “We can stay that way, with or without Poison. Let’s create a new way together.”

The children of the earth, each withdrawn to their own corners, heard her message and felt a stirring in their souls.

They began to sing.

Their voices rose from all corners of the earth, from the bogs, caves, huts and hollows. The melody was carried to every being.

That which they had called Poison transformed into the medicine that was needed to heal their sick and mend their divided hearts.

The children of the earth sang and played together again, and vowed to always remember:

What we do, we do together.

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