Sometimes the most powerful tools of transformation are the ones we use every day without thinking even about them.

Conversation and story allow us to create our world, communicate and connect with others to share what we see. My guest in this podcast is Nikki O’Brien, and we explore the magic of both in a playful conversation abundant with embedded stories and fresh perspectives.

Our intention for this conversation is to experience aha movements and new perspectives. Nikki tells the story of her gift for drawing out moments of transformation in conversation, and then using them to help women plug into their power through the launch of their soul’s message and podcast. 

Together, we tell a spontaneous story about a character called “Ebony,” whose story reflects Nikki’s own internal journey and offers guidance for her next level of growth.

Afterward, Nikki reflected on the experience. “I almost thought this was going to be a therapy session, but it was better!” It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of being a therapist. 🙂

Learn about the art of intuitive coaching conversation and storytelling in this insightful and lively podcast episode.

Listen and download the podcast here:

Here are a few of the gems unearthed in our conversation:

  • How to use spontaneous storytelling to clarify the next steps on your journey, via Nikki’s real time experience

  • Embracing the mess of transformation and harnessing the power of “threshold moments”

  • How conversation changes the world

  • The paradox of being deeply committed to profound change and doing it with lightness

  • How to use your voice and story to connect intimately with the audience you’d like to serve

  • Steph’s journey of surrender and how she tricked herself into starting a new life and business

  • How to align with the full power of the universe and your sovereignty

  • Using moments of soul connection to move us out of our minds and into our hearts

“I truly believe women can change the world. It happens in conversations.” – Nikki O’Brien

Meet Nikki O’Brien, Podcasting Priestess

Nikki O’Brien is a podcasting priestess for beautiful beings of bright.

She believes the magic of conversation is real… that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change and transformation.

As a podcast coach, editor and producer, she works with big-hearted, epic souls to connect more intimately with their audience.

With an extensive background in radio, her signature program “Zero to Launch in 6 weeks” gets her clients live and listed, creating a powerful platform to speak their truth and shout to the masses.

She is also the creator of the binge-worthy podcast Quintessential Being, offering women fresh perspectives that cultivate awareness and invite acceptance so they can step into their sovereignty.  

Connect with Nikki: