Tree at twilight

Here’s how it often goes down: 

An entrepreneur struggles to make it in business. She learns from the “gurus” and implements every strategy she can get her hot little hands on, with little to no results.

Finally, she gets so frustrated and exhausted that she GIVES UP.

In that moment of silence, a new idea occurs. 

It’s contrary to what she’s been taught. It seems crazy. But hell, she’s got nothing to lose, so she goes for it.

And it works!

Her business turns around, she’s got clients, and she’s making the impact she’s always desired.

At which point…

…she begins to teach other entrepreneurs the “secret strategy” she discovered that’s the solution for the problem she was struggling with.

What she doesn’t understand is:

The real answer wasn’t the STRATEGY she discovered, but in following her INNER WISDOM about what to do.

It’s normal to get confused — I’m including myself in here! — by looking at the results of others and the systems that promise to give us the answers we seek.

It really looks like the answers are in other people’s proprietary systems, processes, and rules.

But those things came from the genius of that entrepreneur’s inner wisdom and were meant for them, not you.

Please know that I have purchased and implemented many, many, many systems, strategies and processes in my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, and many of them worked, at least partially.

I’m not dissing systems or telling you not to turn to experts for help.

My exhortation is:

Give priority to your inner wisdom FIRST, over anyone else’s idea of how it should be done. (Including mine.)

If your intuition tells you to buy the course or hire that expert, by all means, DO IT!

But please recognize that true genius is found through following your own inner wisdom.

Sometimes this gets me into trouble with the very coaches and experts I’ve hired to help me.

You see, all of them have been trained to think people will only buy a proven, proprietary system that promises tangible results.

And they urge ME to create (and trademark and brand) my own proprietary system for transformation.


And I won’t follow their system for doing things, either. Not unless my guidance directs it.

I’m tired of well-intentioned coaches and experts who try to squeeze me into their model in order to give me predictable results. 

I get why they do it. They really do want to help me.


I don’t believe my way of doing things is any better than yours. Or anyone else’s. It’s just my way of doing them.

It feels wrong to sell you on my “Proven 5 Step Formula” for a soul-aligned business because what I really do is help you discover YOURS.

Of course, I use processes in business that help me get things done efficiently with repeatable results.

But every system or process I choose is in service to my intuition, and my clients.’ 

To the best of my ability, I follow my inner wisdom in knowing how to guide you, maintaining great reverence for your inner wisdom. Together, we create magic.

Any systems, processes and routines that get implemented come from that place.

You have an experience when you play and create with me. 

We go on a journey of adventure into your unique creation together.

Even my Wildspire Messaging program, which contains worksheets and templates for powerful messaging, doesn’t rely on a particular order or system for implementation. It’s there to tap your inner wisdom to find the words and offers that resonate with the potency and purpose of YOU.

So what do you do if you’re in a place where you don’t know what your inner wisdom is saying? 

What if you don’t know what to do next?

Here’s what seems to work best for my client-playmates and me:


Get quiet. Listen, look and feel for the gentle whisper of your inner wisdom.

Trust what you get, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Reach out to someone (like me) for guidance. Only if that’s what your intuition nudges you to do, of course. 🙂

What if creating your business could be as simple as listening to your intuition and taking action on the guidance you get?

I’m finding that it’s a joyful, blissful, fun ride when I’m the vehicle of creation, rather than the one behind the wheel.

If you’d like to find YOUR way of living and doing business, you’re invited to a coaching and messaging journey with me, guided by your inner wisdom (and mine) to blend your purpose, mission and genius gifts in the expression of soul-aligned services and offers that light you up and create massive impact in the world.

Please contact me if you’re interested and we’ll have a chat to see what emerges. 

Yours in creative play,