Sarah Taylor Intentional Business Coach on the Wildspire Conversations podcast

I invited Sarah Taylor to be the first guest on my podcast because of the way she embodies integrity, approaching each aspect of her life and business with step-by-step, compassionate intentionality.

She’s a treasure trove of information when it comes to diverse issues of digital privacy and consent, women’s empowerment, permaculture design, systemic poverty and sustainable living.

Every time we talk, I’m begging her to share more of what she’s learned!

In this coaching session, Sarah and I delve into her “Big Why” and how she made the (scary) shift when her business was working to align with her deepest purpose.

The minute you tell Sarah it can’t be done, she’s out to prove you wrong. Then once she’s done it, she’ll show others how they can do it, too.

We take on the “impossible” task of eliminating the problems of capitalism, white privilege and systemic poverty in business and beyond with small, intentional steps.

Listen and download the podcast here:

A few of the topics we cover:

  • The problems of capitalism, white privilege and systemic poverty and how they can be addressed through business.

  • What gardening can teach you about creating an ethical, sustainable business.

  • How Sarah pivoted from a business focusing on “off grid” living and bus conversion to align with her deeper purpose, and why starting with your purpose is everything.

  • Why feeling “icky” or resistant to common business and marketing practices doesn’t mean you have “money blocks” or “issues.”

  • Ethical alternatives to psychological sales tactics and discriminatory pricing.

  • What you need to know in order to create an intentional business that works for you.

  • How tiny decisions create big change in a way that’s inspiring without being overwhelming.

Meet Sarah Taylor, Intentional Business Coach

Sarah Taylor is the builder of her own bus conversion, off grid tiny homesteader and Intentional Business Coach. 

She helps conscious entrepreneurs start and build their businesses with intention, so they can sell without compromising their integrity. 

Over the last 4 years Sarah has developed gentle marketing strategies, ethical business practices and a regenerative framework that helps you create a business that cares for Earth and cares for people. 

She’s written copy for corporations and small businesses and has worked with entrepreneurs on connecting to their purpose and building out their message, platform and income through the lens of intention.

Sarah also writes emails delivered every two weeks that question the social norms of mainstream marketing, delve into alternatives to capitalism and share ways to build regenerative economies.

Connect with her at:

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