What can possibly redeem the narrative of domination and control?

My conversation with Linda Katz is a magical experience! She tells a story of hope and the journey of conscious femininity. We talk about transformational storytelling, dream work, dancing as a tool for awareness, and telling the narrative of a more beautiful world.

Here’s some of what we explore: 

  • The story of the Good Girl, the Rebel, the Tyrant King, and the Wise and Wild Woman 
  • How to dance your dreams for awareness and guidance 
  • Why it’s good to be “naive” about changing the world 
  • How to stay in the flow of positivity without spiritual bypassing 
  • The Story of Separation vs. Story of Interbeing and shifting the narrative 
  • Linda’s experience as a “dream whisperer” 
  • A radical perspective on human nature

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A New Story of Redemption & Hope

 “Dreams are our soul’s mother tongue.” – Linda Katz

Dreams are an opportunity for self-awareness. They can be used to explore your relationship with the masculine and feminine energy, to detect themes reflecting aspects of your life, or for validations. Get to know your dreams by inviting insight, rather than analysis.

Begin dream work by:

  • Sleeping with a dream journal by your bed to record dreams immediately as you wake.
  • Share them with a friend or partner.
  • See every character in your dream as an aspect of yourself.
  • Consider multiple meanings with curiosity.

Dance your dreams to get a body sense of what’s happening in your life. Put on a song, close your eyes, and act out the different characters in your dream. Insights and awareness will come to the surface.

Be willing to meet your Good Girl with understanding, rather than fix or get rid of her. Seeing ourselves as a doormat or subservient to others is often met with judgement and self-disgust. Instead, approach her with curiosity and compassion as an adaptive response to the challenges of life.

The story of the Tyrant King, the Good Girl and the Wise and Wild Woman represents a shifting narrative. When we’re in a story, we can’t imagine something different until a childlike energy comes along with the curiosity to see something new. Our suffering comes from the illusion of separateness and relief arrives with reconnection to our oneness.

Our innate human nature is kind. When you’re feeling scared, threatened and coming from a place of lack, your actions will reflect this. Unkindness is a response to conditioning, not indicative of all human nature. Once at peace, our actions return to innate kindness and clarity.

Address your emotions without spiritual bypassing by engaging active receptivity. When dealing with an uncomfortable emotion, Linda suggests playing a song to evoke the way you feel, and move to it. Give yourself permission to have the experience without making it wrong. Then shake out the energy, and dance to a new song with the energy you’d like to embody.

Innocence and curiosity are necessary for seeing new possibilities. It’s not naive to dream of a better way; it’s necessary to imagine something different. When we judge ourselves and others with the need to fix or change, it’s still living out the paradigm of domination and control. The Good Girl turns judgement upon herself; the Rebel projects it onto the Tyrant King. Noticing and accepting what’s present melts resistance and gives birth to something new.

 “We’re not in this alone. There’s a groundswell of energy, of women…who are beginning to question the narrative. It brings me such joy when women begin to come home to themselves.” – Linda Katz 


Meet Linda Katz, Wild Feminine Soul Guide

Linda is a wild feminine soul guide and Qoya movement teacher who has been on a quest for the last decade to reclaim her wild. She spent five years on the hero’s journey, escaping all the external cages she thought were keeping her constrained (job, location, relationship, etc.). But after changing nearly everything in her life and realizing that she still didn’t feel the wildness she most longed for, she set out on the heroine’s descent to dismantle the cage that existed within and free her own Wise & Wild Woman.  

Through intuitive one-on-one coaching, Qoya-inspired movement, dreamwork, and art, Linda now helps other women dethrone their inner Tyrant King and shed their Good Girl patterns to reclaim their wholeness and remember their inherent wild magic. 

Connect with Linda

Website: www.singingbirdcoaching.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/singingbirdcoaching

Uncage the Wildness Within Intro Workshops: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/uncage-the-wildness-within-intro-workshop-tickets-154711392941

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