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Woman with moon and stars

When I feel uncertain, I open my mouth wide and eat the stars.

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The stars remind me of the universes inside me. Only then can I feel the vast multitudes living with me, not only in my cells, atoms, and the spaces between them, but in the formless expression of me. The Me before this me, the one I so dearly identify with out of a need to cling to something, anything, in this sea of the unknown.

So it’s curious that the remedy for insecurity, the balm, the salve for all my feelings of inadequacy, discontent, is not more of this illusion of me. It’s not more of this small self, the one that wags its tongue and finger at me in judgement, comparison and accusation. It is not more of the same.

It is knowing myself as the vast space. Unknown. Incomprehensible. Unfathomable. The expanse I cannot possibly understand or hold.

Knowing myself as this nothingness is the ultimate security.

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