What a blast to chat with Mary & Gary O’Brien about deepening into worthiness and self love! These two beings are a lovely invitation into a light-hearted, practical spiritual path. 

We talk about what really gets you from a conceptual understanding of spirituality into a felt experience of it, adventures in self love, and uncovering your True Self. Mary indulged me with an impromptu meditation on the Saffron Heart, a beautiful way to start any conversation.

 Here’s some of what you’ll experience:

  • Why you don’t deserve anything (and why that’s good news!)
  • A guided meditation on the Saffron Heart of your True Self
  • What Steph learned from her failed self love experiment 
  • Why sometimes it’s hard to feel love for yourself and how to shift this in one minute
  • The paradox of finding your true self by forgetting about yourself
  • Dealing with the fear of being “too much”
  • How being full of yourself makes it easier to give and take care of others

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The Path to Self Love and Worthiness as Simple Practice

 “Choice by choice we show up as who we’ve always been…it lights up our lives and shows others they can do the same.” – Mary O’Brien

Your True Self is a space of peace, compassion and love. Mary and Gary call this the Saffron Heart energy, and it’s a return to who you really are, the essence of your uniqueness within universal connection. It’s a space that’s always available, with or without meditation, but Mary gives us a taste in a guided meditation in this episode.  

You don’t deserve anything, but you’re worthy of everything. The energy of deservingness comes from entitlement and lack; it leads to transactional relationships. By contrast, worthiness emanates from our innate wholeness, allowing sharing of itself without need or want. You’re already worthy; there’s no need to prove yourself as deserving. Worthiness is our natural state because it’s what we are.

“We are creation. If that is who we are, how could we be anything but worthy of all the joy and beauty in life?” – Mary O’Brien

Self love is worthiness in action. We embody our worthiness with self love actions (different from self care) which is the acceptance and acknowledgement of what we truly are. As we love ourselves, the push for external acknowledgement and approval seeking dissolves.

Self love happens effortlessly when you’re not caught up in thinking. What Mary and Gary refer to as the “taught self” gets you caught in thinking, taking you out of your natural state of love. When you’re not thinking about yourself, you’re in love with yourself. From a place of self love, judgements fall away; you can’t help but feel love for others and see their wholeness.

Loving yourself isn’t selfish; it’s a gift for everyone. We’re taught judgement thinking about what’s right and wrong. Loving and caring for yourself is often misunderstood as being “selfish,” but if you’re tending to others and neglecting yourself, the depleted energy is what’s shared, and it’s a disservice to others. 

“Self love doesn’t have to be a doing; it’s a feeling of who I am…plugging back into Source, and that’s the biggest battery charger there is.” – Mary O’Brien

 Awareness gives you the power to choose. Once you’re aware of the learned patterns of the taught self, you can choose something different. Mary and Gary talk about IDA: Interrupt, Decide, Act. An IDA moment is an opportunity to interrupt the pattern, decide which voice you’re going to listen to, and take action in alignment with your true self.

Your true self has always been here. There’s nothing for you to seek or improve. You simply peel away the layers obscuring your true self to reveal what’s always been there underneath. With each choice, you come back to your true self. 

You can craft your life with awareness and choice. You get to create your life your way, understanding how you create the change, so that you can replicate it and go deeper. This allows you to live and embody the awareness of your true self, rather than having a conceptual understanding that does little to affect the quality of your life.

“The past, who needs it? It’s so yesterday.” – Gary & Mary O’Brien

Meet Mary & Gary O’Brien, Wholeness Mindset Coaches

Mary & Gary O’Brien are experienced Wholeness Mindset Coaches from Australia who share powerful information and techniques to show people how to let go of the programming of the Taught Self and live a life that Lights them up. 

They lead a vibrant global community of people of all ages and from all walks of life who are committed to taking their spiritual wisdom off their mats and into their life, and to expanding the frequency of Love, Compassion and Connection across the planet. 

In 2008 they were contacted by a spirit guide named DZAR (pronounced ZAR) who asked them to share simple and joyful practices to live life unburdened by past experiences and to move into a living as the true Light and Knowing of all that we truly are. 

They have spoken at TEDx, at the Edgar Cayce Centre in NYC, the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and many other venues throughout the USA, Europe and Australasia and are featured in the documentary, “They Call Us Channellers.” In December 2012, they were key speakers and facilitators at the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality in India, an event endorsed by HH the Dalai Lama. 

Mary and Gary weave together an engaging mix of profound wisdom and playfulness that makes the information easy to understand and use, so that you can deepen your connection to your Light and Beauty that is ready and waiting for you.  

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