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Mavis Karn is a long-time teacher of an understanding often referred to as The Three Principles or the Inside–Out understanding, but the truth she shares transcends these labels. It’s a simple truth about what it means to be human and how knowing this can make life more enjoyable.

Our conversation is honest, kind and packs a strong call to action for all of us to do something to save the planet, not driven by fear, but from hopeful empowerment. It left me with a renewed sense of the simplicity in doing my part, and I hope it will do so for you, too.

Here’s some of what we explored:

  • What to do when you’re nervous about asking for what you want.
  • Learning with the freedom and ease of a child
  • Finding your “god voice
  • The power of being yourself for elevating your relationships
  • Going from habit to higher ground with a simple choice
  • How to save the planet and where to start today
  • How to write a book when you don’t know how (aka how Michael Neill tricked Mavis into writing a book)

Listen on the podcast:

How to Make a Difference By Being Yourself

Ask for what you desire. There’s nothing to be afraid of, even if you have a bunch of thoughts that keep you from doing what you’d like to do. It’s a gift to ask because we’re here to help each other.

“We’re all a cell in the body of the whole, so there’s nobody to be afraid of.”

We’re all made to learn and grow; we just got educated away from knowing that we can try anything. Without self-judgement or paying much attention to discouraging thought, we return to learning with a child-like joy.

We’re here on Earth to help each other. Mavis was intimidated by the idea of writing a book, but Michael Neill persisted until she found a way. While she didn’t think she could write a book, she felt she could write letters, and so she wrote a book of them! None of us stands alone, and each has gifts to help others.

Service happens naturally by being yourself. If you were never mean-spirited with anyone, but were just yourself, it would transform every interaction you have, without trying to change or fix anything. You don’t have to do anything to be yourself; it’s already taken care of.

Everyone has a learned, habitual voice, but you have a god voice, too. This greater intelligence within can be tapped at any moment. Sydney Banks described this as speaking from the place where you don’t know what you’re going to say next. Mavis’ god voice explained that the best way she can pass on what she knows is being what she teaches so that others will see themselves in that mirror and know their ability to choose.

“There isn’t anything more powerful than just being who you are.”

Fear is on our side. It tells us when we’re using the gift of thought to terrorize ourselves. Seeing this makes it easier to notice the choice to go from habit to higher ground.

Bad moods are temporary. Ignore them and you’ll be smarter in a minute! Just knowing you’re in a low mood is enough.

We’re capable of setting things right with the planet. Our bad habits made the mess, but our true selves know how to clean it up. All we have to do is calm down and listen to it. Young people are serious about cleaning up the mess, and it’s our job to help them by being ourselves and helping them do the same.

We can save the planet without fear. People have done a great job of describing the mess we’re in. We’re done diagnosing the problem. Now it’s time to focus on what we can do about it.

You’ll save the planet by being you. Show up as yourself and see where it takes you. There’s always a small thing you can do right where you are to make a difference, and it all makes a difference.

“Calm down, relax your mind and let that god given creativity bloom. Let’s clean up the mess.”

Mavis’ call to action: she asks everyone with the means to give a copy of her book, It’s That Simple: A User’s Manual For Human Beings, to a teenager.


Meet Mavis Karn, Counselor, Educator, Consultant

Mavis Karn is a counselor, educator and a consultant in private practice in St. Paul Minnesota in the US. She has spent over forty-five years working with individuals, families, businesses, hospitals, schools, prisons, government agencies and treatment centers, police departments and nonprofits, law firms, Native American tribes and agencies, individual athletes and teams and coaches and therapists and so on and so on…

Her work has taken her all over the US and to South Africa, as well as most recently to many countries on Zoom.

While all this may appear impressive, Mavis reminds us that she is in the evening of her life, and it took quite a while for this list to grow. In the end though, it has all seemed to her to be simply a moment-to-moment accumulation of time spent doing what she loves to do, passing on the best information she ever got in her life, to anyone else who’s interested in hearing it.

Connect with Mavis

Website: https://www.maviskarn.net

Buy her book: It’s That Simple: A User’s Manual For Human Beings


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