Your relationship with DESIRE has everything to do with creating a joyful, fun and profitable business.

How do I know this?

Everyday people come to me with their desires — the ones they’re aware of, the ones they’re repressing, the ones they’re denying, and (most fun of all) the ones they haven’t realized yet.

In my quest to guide people to what they REALLY desire (and not just what they think is possible) I’ve noticed a big blindspots for change-making entrepreneurs.

When I ask what they’d like to create, they tell me a story that goes something like this:

“I’d like to build up my coaching business to $10,000 per month. Then I’ll do a few retreats a year, and eventually get started on my course.”

When I ask what they REALLY want — another 2 or 3 times ‘cuz I’ve caught the scent of Something Big — they say something like…

“If I could REALLY do anything, I’d create a certification program for my healing modality and lead retreats and events for coaches all over the world…but that’s not for another 10 years or so, after I do X, Y and Z.”

Oh, really?

Why wait?

If you can really create anything (and you can) why not attempt what you truly desire, the way you desire it, NOW?

Anything we imagine about the future is made up, for good or ill. You know that story about all the things that have to happen BEFORE you create that Big Impossible Dream?

That’s made up, too.

Here’s a story from a real client.

They came to me for help getting bookings for the gorgeous venue they’d purchased.

After some curious questioning, it turned out they’d purchased it with the intention of opening up a progressive school with an organic garden and lunch kitchen where the kids would help prepare healthy meals and (eventually) a catering business.

My client’s face LIT UP with excitement telling me about it.

“Oh, but I can’t do that NOW. I have to recoup my costs by renting it out for special events first.”

The explanation sounded reasonable, until it turned out that:

  • They owned the property without a mortgage.
  • They could easily swing the operating costs.
  • They didn’t really want to do events on the property in the first place.

They were in the blessed position where they could do ANYTHING they wanted financially, and even had the support of their partner.

Yet for some reason, they’d convinced themselves the next step was to start a business that had nothing to do with what they really bought the property for in the first place.


It can seem deceptively logical: shoot for the little “possible” stuff before you try for the big one.

Except, you don’t know what’s “little” or “doable,” or how long anything takes, or what order to do them in until you try it!

Why not go for what you really desire?

Sure, you might end up following some of those steps you’ve carefully MADE UP need to be done first on the way to that Big Dream.

But if you’re shooting for what you really want, and not for the stuff you think needs to be done to get there, you’re more likely to skip the unnecessary detours, create what you actually want faster, and have more fun doing it.

Here’s why this trap is so seductive:

Going for the Big Dream can feel scary and impossible. It’s so big that it can feel overwhelming.

It’s much more comfortable to put it on the 10 Year Plan than to acknowledge it’s what you really want now.

It’s much easier to procrastinate, avoid the possibility of failure, and convince yourself that “now just isn’t the right time to start.”

You’ll start tomorrow. Or next year. Or when the kids are of to college.

When you push it off, that Big Dream is always in the future, and it never has a chance to grow NOW.

I’m not the kind of coach who’s going to tell you that you HAVE to choose what you desire now.

Of course, you don’t. You can put it off forever or never do it.

You get to choose.

But I have a hunch that if you’ve read this far…

You want to create what you REALLY desire. 

I’m going to ask you to look at it, wonder about it, notice the tingle of enthusiasm that lights up your whole freaking body when you talk about it.

And ask:

“What if you gave yourself permission to desire this and create it now?”

And then I’ll help you determine for yourself what you’d really like to create with the time, energy and attention you have available in this moment, and how much fun you’d like to have doing it.

(Too much fun. Let’s have too much fun, please.)

Even when we go for what we truly desire, it usually doesn’t turn out the way we think in the beginning.

Think about the last big project you created. (Yes, marriage and kids count!)

Did you know what you were in for when you started?

Did it turn out exactly the way you thought?

Chances are pretty good that life threw you some curve balls and challenges. There were probably some gloriously unexpected blessings that landed in your lap, too. 

We can’t predict the future, but when you allow what brings you alive to guide your actions, the ride is a lot more fun.

In my experience, WAY more is possible than I can ever imagine. (And I have a damn good imagination.)

If you’d like to discover your deep purpose and create something beyond inspiring and too-much-fun with it, I’d love to help. 

I have a one-on-one coaching journey for experienced coaches, healers and transformational experts who want to reach their soulmate clients and 10x their impact online. We’ll tap into your greatest desires, create the offer/s for the service, program or course you’re so inspired about that you can’t NOT do it, and get your first sales, on a soul-aligned path to consistent $10,000 months.

You’ll need to be an expert who aready gets results for clients and a good (or great) writer and/or speaker who loves sharing what you know. Contact me here if you’re interested and we’ll have a chat to see if we’re a match. 

Yours in creative play,