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Bee on a purple flowerSpace.

I meet so many people who tell me they crave space in their lives. They want more space. I feel this, too.

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I’ve found myself saying to my client playmates and to my loved ones:

“The space you crave is within, and it’s always available. It has nothing to do with how full your calendar is or how many screaming children or howling dogs or demanding partners are around you. That space is within.”

But it’s one thing to say it, and it’s another thing to really see it.

I’m in this situation, a pet sit with dogs that wake me with howling at 6:00 a.m. and sometimes even in the middle of the night. Painful howling.

And a beautiful sassy cockatoo who shrieks for attention whenever she’s bored and wanting entertainment.

It’s easy to think that these responsibilities, these beings asking for my attention, crowd me. It feels like there is less space for me to relax and be.

That simply isn’t true.

It’s my noisy thoughts that take up space. It’s the agitation in my mind.

Agitating thought and feelings take up all my attention so that I neglect to see the space, the infinite space, that is available inside of me. Inside and around me. All I’m focused on is the noise.

In this moment, I see it. I see how the noise crowds out the possibility of anything else.

I also see how the moment I stop focusing on the noise, I fall into this infinite space.

It’s a beautiful thing to see. Just to notice.

Space is a beautiful thing to feel.

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