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Do you know the story of the four minute mile?

For years, the world’s best athletes competed for the fastest run, and no one was able to break the four minute mile barrier. It seemed impossible.

Until Roger Bannister did it in 1954.

Since then, thousands of athletes have completed a mile in under four minutes, and it’s become the standard for professional middle distance runners.

It’s as if the runners of the world finally saw it as possible because someone did it.

An example of what’s possible was set that exceeded everyone’s expectations, and it became the norm.

So I’m wondering…

What four minute mile would you like to be?

What seemingly impossible feat would you like to achieve that might open up the possibility for thousands or even millions to follow, igniting a spark that changes the world?

I’d like to show up, tell stories and play with people…and have them awaken to their true nature, their lives changing in an instant.

You might say my four minute mile would be the Play of Spontaneous Enlightenment.

If you could do ANYTHING that would ripple across the world in possibilities and transformation, no limits, what would it be?

Comment below and tell me about it! 

Perhaps we’ll create a Four Minute Mile Club of our own. 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Martin Dara and Nico Olivieri for prompting this exploration.