“I’m trying to start a healing biz (reiki to start) while working at my current job, however I feel so strongly out of alignment with the current gig that I think it’s blocking me from the new goodness. I know I have to leave and “take a leap” which I’ve known for years but I fear I won’t find something else and I live in a very expensive city. I need a plan to get out of my current gig but I worry I won’t be supported, even when I’ve been applying to jobs and haven’t heard back. I am close to my breaking point there and need to know when to truly take the risk.”

There’s a lot of good, solid advice out there regarding when to “take the leap” into a new business, how to minimize the risk, and transition out of the day job you hate.

You can Google that (if you haven’t already) to learn more about the common sense advice, so I won’t repeat that here.

What I’m most interested in is:

What do YOU know about what you desire and your way of getting there?

What I sense in your words is a fair degree of clarity about what you desire, or at the least the first step towards it, along with a lot of thinking that looks scary and real.

Thoughts such as:

“I can’t get into aligned action because I feel so out of alignment.”

“I won’t be able to find another job.”

“I won’t be able to afford living here if I do something else.”

What if you couldn’t think any of these thoughts?

Who would you be?

It’s your belief that these thoughts have some scary meaning that’s keeping you from moving forward.

What if you ignore these thoughts and stick with what you know?

Here’s the clarity I hear in your words, minus the “sticky thinking” that comes after the statement of fact:

“I’d like to start a healing business.”

“I’m out of alignment in my current job and need to leave.”

“I need a plan to get out of my current gig.”

Yes, yes and yes!

This is what you know, and it sounds like step #1 is to create a plan to get out of your current gig.

Some questions to consider:

  • How much income do you need to cover your monthly expenses?
  • What if you move to an area with a lower cost of living? How much then?
  • What gifts and talents do you have, and who would you love to serve with them?
  • Who do you know who can help you find a new source of income? What resources, assets and networks do you have?

Once you’ve explored these things, it will be easier to create a simple action plan. This is an example of what it might look like:

  1. Apply for 5 new positions a week in my current (or new) location.
  2. Put together an introductory Reiki healing session offer and present to my yoga community. (More wealth-generating questions you can use to create an offer here.)
  3. Identify 5 people who can help me grow my new healing business and ask them for help.

There’s a two-fold approach: 

#1 – Recognize that it’s your thinking that looks real that’s creating your distress right now — not the situation you’re in.

#2 – Take small, simple actions towards creating what you desire. And keep doing it.

Again, I think you have more clarity than you realize because you’ve been so caught up in those fearful thoughts and the emotions they bring.

Start with what you know to do today.

Yours in creative play,