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If you desire a joyful, profitable, one-of-a-kind business there’s only one way to do it:


I’m noticing 3 distinct ways people create in business, and your design is somewhere in the mix.

#1 – Do things with a proven model.

This involves seeking out the systems and processes that have been successful and imitating them.


  • It can provide a feeling of security.
  • There’s a template to follow, which is much easier than inventing something from scratch.
  • You’ll have lots of support and reinforcement from the other people using the model, and especially from those teaching it.


  • Just because it’s “proven” to work for others, doesn’t mean it will work for you, even if you implement it perfectly according to instructions.
  • If it’s not aligned with your life, mission and values, it may feel awkward or icky.
  • It limits creativity because it narrows things down to get specific, repeatable results. 

#2 – Make changes to a current model.

This involves taking a “best fit” proven model, then swapping out, eliminating or adding to suit your desires.


  • It builds upon a foundation that feels secure and provides a template to follow (same as #1) with added flexibility.
  • You customize it for a better fit.
  • It’s still easily understood and accepted by the mainstream popular because they’re familiar with something similar.


  • A model often presupposes conditioned thinking that may limit the recognition of what’s really possible.
  • You can end up with a better fit, rather than a perfect fit.
  • It keeps you operating inside the box of the status quo.

#3 – Create something entirely new.

This involves throwing out the proven models and beginning with a blank slate.


  • It invites creativity and imagination.
  • It begins with the question of, “What’s possible?” in a space where the answer is, “Anything.”
  • You have complete freedom and flexibility in what you create.


  • There’s no template, model or system to emulate.
  • It can feel risky.
  • You don’t get the same encouragement and support from others, since it’s never been done this way before. In fact, you’ll likely encounter skepticism and resistance.
  • It requires experimentation and testing to develop, with inevitable missteps along the way.

Here’s the funny thing:

All of these pros and cons are STORIES.

Do I have more freedom and flexibility with an entirely new creation than with something familiar?

Is there more support and security available for a proven model than with a new one?

I can show up fresh with a proven business model, if I disregard conditioned thinking about it.

And I can feel just as trapped in the creation of a new model because of my limited thinking.

I think the BEST approach allows us to flow between each of these according to our needs and situation.

Granted, most of the clients and partners who find their way to me favor Option #3. And that’s my modus operandi as well.

But I find myself trying on all of these at different times.

I may follow an offer creation process exactly as it’s given. Or I may adapt a process from another industry to my own. Or I may challenge myself to ditch the entire concept of “marketing” (something I’ve been doing for the past two years.)

So what’s the takeaway here?

There’s no right or wrong way to create your business…there’s simply your way.

And “your way” may change from moment to moment.

When the model, strategy or tactic you choose comes in service of your inner wisdom, it will always be aligned.

The more I let go of the thinking I need to control the outcome, and the more I trust my inner wisdom to point the way…

…the more delighted and surprised I am by the journey.

There are synchronicities and unexpected adventures. I end up in territory I never would have chosen from my limited mind, encountering fellow explorers and ideas beyond my dreams.

This is where I’m choosing to play, and this is where I coach from.

I’m not locked into a formula or process; mine is an invitation to a journey of your own making.

It’s led by curiosity, inspiration and inner guidance, rather than proven strategies and processes.

It’s alive and changing, not fixed and predictable.

My client-playmates tend to be rebels, misfits, innovators, contrarians, shit disturbers and adventurers who crave Something Bigger than they can even conceive in this moment.

They are visionaries on a mission to change the world with the courage to step into the unknown to do it.

Doing it your way means that you have the permission to choose ANYTHING — even something mundane and ordinary.

“What if…?” is my favorite question.

It’s not a question you answer; it’s a question you live.

I’m looking for new companions to embark on their journey of Wild Creation with me. 

It’s a six-month coaching adventure for experienced coaches, healers and wellness practitioners who are pivoting or transitioning into that next Something Big. We’ll craft the offers, services and pricing that light you up, create transformational content and “un-market” your business to easily and authentically attract 3-5 client leads per week.

This offer is for world-changers who are getting results for clients, even if you’re creating something brand new, and who are good (or great) writers and/or speakers who love sharing their message and expertise. It’s currently priced in the mid-four figures. PM me here if you’re interested and we’ll have a chat to see if it’s a match.

Yours in creative play,


P.S. How are you drawn to create your business?