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You know when it’s time to let go of something.

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It’s not when someone tells you to let go.

It’s not when you tell yourself that you should or when you’re trying to convince yourself. That’s not it.

It doesn’t matter how much we know in our minds that it’s time to let something go. That’s not how it happens.

When you hold an object in your hand, how do you let it go? Can you try to let it go?

The act of letting go, if you actually watch it, happens through relaxing and suddenly, you’re just not holding on anymore.

So it’s more about not holding on than letting go, but even that isn’t something we can do. Can you do ”not holding on?”

We let go of things all the time without even noticing. Every thought we’ve ever had. Every experience has passed.

That’s how easy, effortless and ordinary it is.

The idea of surrender sometimes is glorified. It’s idealized as a goal to strive for to be more spiritual.

Sometimes we fear it. We think that it means giving up something, giving up on ourselves, giving up on our lives, giving up on our well-being. I don’t think surrender is any of those things.

For me, surrender is recognizing that I no longer need to keep an idea of something alive that never existed in the first place.

It isn’t even surrender. Not really.

It’s just no longer feeding the story that does not serve me, and relaxing instead into the Truth of what is.

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