I’ve been obsessed with hair removal ever since puberty.

Shaving, waxing, dipilatories…I tried everything to rid myself of the dark hairs sprouting from my legs, and had mostly made peace with it. Until.

Stray hairs began appearing on my chin and upper lip at age 35.

I often can’t see them in the bathroom mirror, but I can feel them. Oh, yes.

And now I’m obsessed with the 10x magnifying travel mirror my step-mother bought me for Christmas.

It allows me to see every black hair and blemish with horrifying clarity. I pluck hairs and express blemishes with such relish that it leaves my skin red and sensitive.

Too much information? Maybe.

But I’ve been thinking about self acceptance (and the lack of it) now that the New Year is here. 2020: the Year of Clear Insight.

I create with some many beautiful, amazing beings and transformation workers who are dedicated to “working on themselves” and making the world a better place.

The tools of transformation we use on this journey of growth and evolution are empowering and can lead to a happier life.

But it’s easy to buy into the insidious thoughts: Something is wrong with me. I’m broken and in need of fixing.

Only now instead of blaming others and playing the victim…

Now these tools become weapons with which you can attack yourself for perceived short-comings. 

Even though the intention is healing and growth, there’s always a “limiting belief” needing to be eliminated or a habit needing to be broken.

Where are you using tools of healing to punish yourself for not being good enough?

It’s hard to spot because it feels SO GOOD to join the ranks of the light workers who’ve rolled up their sleeves to “deal with their issues” and “peel the layers.”

But sometimes it’s just another way of judging yourself as less than.

Which is what I’m doing when I pick at my face, disgusted by the hairs, blemishes and wrinkles that “shouldn’t” be there.

There’s something I want to say to you and every other gorgeous human who secretly buys into the belief that you’re broken.

You are beautiful.

You are perfect.

Nothing needs to change for you to be loved.

There’s nothing you need to do to earn it.

Right now, you are.

You are.

Please, take a breath and let that in. Feel it with me.

On this inspiring quest to change the world, it’s easy for us to lose sight of the truth:

There’s nothing that needs to change for you to be okay just as you are.

Saying this with love to myself and to you…

…as I put away the criticism and self-loathing stirred by that damn mirror…

…and looking at myself and the world through the eyes of Love.

Sending you so much love and acceptance in this New Year.

Yours in creative play,


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