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The other day I was invited to ask a question:

What do you want? What do you really want? What have you always wanted?

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You might ask yourself this question now as I did then.

I sat in the silence of nothing and listened while the question spun and floated in that space without my reaching or grasing or trying for an answer.

I sat in that lovely space of stillness of I don’t know and listened.

The answer came. What have I always wanted? What have I wanted all my life? What have I been chasing?


The answer came as the word, but mostly a feeling.


What is right here. What always is. A feeling of connection with every thing, every one, every being.

This is that which is now and always will be.

I had been chasing it in external things, in people and relationships, in doing, in a sense of purpose, in an idea of my own identity.

And yet, it has always been here.


I felt the solidness of the word.


I knew that This is me. It was me I’d been looking for.

Even more beautiful, I knew I’d found it. That this had always been with me.

I have always been here, and I can never lose it.


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