A book I have not touched in years opens to this story.

A woman lives in a town that is warned of a grave hurricane. They must evacuate.

The woman loves her possessions and home too much to leave. She stays when all her neighbors have vacated, disregarding the warnings. 

The hurricane is worse than anyone suspected, but by the time the woman knows she must evacuate, it is too late. The roads are flooded and impassable.

A tidal surge is coming, and the woman knows that she will die in its wake.

She drops to her knees to pray and surrender.

In this moment of giving up, an idea strikes. What if instead of boarding up her windows and doors against the storm, she drops all resistance and lets it in?

She throws the doors and windows open wide to the storm and climbs up onto the roof as the water rises. When the tidal wave comes, she dives in deep.

The wave carries the woman to eventual safety. The woman’s possessions were destroyed, but her house is the only one in the neighborhood that still stands, saved by allowing the water to pass through it.

I am that woman now.

For so long I have boarded up my windows and doors to keep out the Thing that would surely kill me.

In this moment is the call to surrender. There is an invitation to let go.

Open my windows and doors, expose myself to the elements, and dive.

What if there is nothing to lose but the fear?

Yours in creative play,


P.S. Is there something you’re ready to let go of? Something that’s asking for surrender?