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Horse stuck in a tree

Have you ever felt STUCK in your business?

I get to play with hundreds of transformational coaches, therapists, experts and creative entrepreneurs in conversation and creation. Most of them come to me with some type of “stuckness.” 

Sometimes it’s the usual suspects encountered by entrepreneurs: doubt, Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, fear of failure, etc.

There’s plenty of information out there on these typical forms of stuckness, but I’ve noticed a few surprising ways transformational entrepreneurs in particular tend to get stymied.

Let’s call ‘em out so we can knock ‘em out. 

#1 – Waiting for confidence and clarity.

While our gorgeous, critical minds are designed for making connections and noticing patterns…

…they are not particularly good at predicting the future.

Our minds make up stories about what’s going to happen, for good and for ill, and then look for evidence to support it. The mind just isn’t satisfied until it (thinks it) knows what’s going to happen.

Waiting for “confidence” and “clarity” can be the mind’s way of stalling until it feels certain.

“When I get clear on the right action, I’ll take it.” 

“When I’m feeling confident, I’ll do it.”

Here’s the thing:

Most of the time, you don’t get the confidence and clarity before you do it; you get it when you’re doing it.

For purpose-driven, intuitive entrepreneurs in particular, you’re navigating by real-time inner guidance. You often won’t have confidence and clarity about what you’re doing until you’re in the midst of it. 

Sometimes even then you won’t feel the “confidence” and “clarity” your mind desires.

And that’s okay.

You CAN have clarity and trust in what you know right now, which is enough to move forward with the next step.

The big picture and all those connections will only reveal itself in hindsight.

#2 – Focus on fixing “money blocks” and “issues.”

Imagine that I’m stuck in a Problem. 

If the Problem is a tree, then I’m stuck with my head inside it.

Like this horse:

While I’m inside the Problem, my instinct is to focus on the Problem and obsess about how to fix it. 

I’m asking questions like, “Why am I doing this?” or “Where are my money blocks?” or “Why am I stuck?”

These aren’t bad questions in themselves, but they typically keep my head stuck in the Problem, when it’s clear that if I lift my head and look ABOVE the Problem, I’m not actually stuck at all.

Transformational entrepreneurs can spend hours “working on their issues” with their heads in the problem, instead of taking the action they know to do.

Instead of focusing on what needs fixing…

Lift your head and look in the direction of where you want to go. 

You’ll have immediate clarity, and if your tools of transformation are necessary to get there, you’ll know that, too.

#3 – Taking your calling too seriously.

Oh, my dear heart. How this one pains me!

You have this glorious desire to change the world. You feel a calling and deep purpose in your soul. And then…

What lights you up with the desire to make a difference gradually becomes a burden.

If you don’t fulfill your calling, it can feel like you’re shirking your duty and failing your destiny.

Your joyous creation gets heavier and heavier, weighed down by obligation, until you can barely move. 

Who could blame you for not wanting to do it?

Yes, be inspired by your vision and calling to create a better world. Be serious, but take it lightly. 

The path of playfulness in creation is much, much more fun.

#4 – Doing it the “right way” instead of your way.

Countless marketing and business experts will teach you their “proven” formulas for results. These are the steps they followed to reach the top, and now you can take the short-cut by following their secrets.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by that? 

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

Many of these gurus truly believe they’ve found The Way. But they’re really teaching you the way that worked for them.

You need to find your own path to success in business and life.

If there was ONE path to get there, you better believe we’d all be on it! It would be awfully crowded and boring, though, wouldn’t it?

Your inner wisdom guides will take you down a path that is yours alone.

Of course, use what you’ve learned from the experts about the principles of marketing and business. But when it comes to choosing your next steps, let the “right” strategies be subject to your inner guidance.

#5 – Fear of being salesy.

Here’s a funny thing about spiritual and mission-driven entrepreneurs:

They are NOT about the money…but they’re also obsessed with it. 

In particular, they’re obsessed with NOT being salesy.

Transformational entrepreneurs get locked in a push-pull when they use the hype and scarcity sales tactics taught by mainstream business gurus. They come on either too strong or not strong enough, and it’s a recipe for stuckness.

You don’t need to “sell” when your message aligns with your mission.

It won’t even feel like promotion. It’s simply telling people about what you’re up to and inviting them to join the movement.

If you need to use hype and scarcity to drum up sales, your message isn’t potent enough.

When you’re aligned with your vision for a changed world, your words are powerfully connected to your deepest purpose and those who align with it. It doesn’t feel like “selling” and “promoting” anymore.

Turn your message into a movement and share it with ease.

Create Soul-Aligned Business & Irresistible Messaging

You don’t have to do business any way but your own.

I help coaches, therapists and healers transition into high-ticket services they LOVE that are super easy to sell with the power of their soul story.

It’s a journey of:

  1. Invocation
  2. Desire
  3. Wild Creation
  4. Wildspire Messaging
  5. Soul-Aligned Marketing

This journey is for coaches, healers and creative entrepreneurs who already have expertise and can get results for their clients. Writers, speakers and teachers who want to create something outside the box are the best match for my style and gifts.

It’s a 3-6 month coaching journey, depending upon your specific situation.

If this is what you need, I can’t wait to help you do it!

Tell me what inspires you here and we’ll chat about the adventure ahead.

Yours in creative play,