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Jo Leahy was one of the first doctors to join the movement of coaching in the medical system, and it’s now transforming what’s possible for health care.

In this conversation, Jo shares the journey of her career working in healthcare, for the NHS England and as a transformational coach. We explore how sharing insights from your heart is powerful medicine and how to find the calm within.

Here’s just some of what we explore in the hopeful conversation:

  • “Matrix moments” of realizing your place in the universe
  • Seeing the truth of mental health and where it comes from
  • Post-COVID challenges in healthcare for General Practitioners and Clinical Directors
  • Dealing with burnout when you’re overworked and overwhelmed
  • Getting high on the delusion of thought

  • The surprising way to change the world (and other people)
  • Whipping cream on the trifle and navigating relationship challenges

Listen to the podcast here:

The Natural Cure For Stress, Burnout and Overwhelm in Health Care & Beyond

“What would happen if you took off your superhero cape?” – Jo Leahy

Coaching is transforming health care. Jo Leahy began her career in medicine as an OB-GYN before becoming an General Practitioner, and continued to collect knowledge through studies of allergy testing, hypnotherapy and NLP. When she discovered the mind-blowing power of coaching, she began bringing it to healthcare organizations such as the NHS England.

Seeing our innate mental health reveals the truth of enoughness. Jo remembers her first big insight as simply, “I am enough.” It put an end to constant doing and helped her to see that no one is broken.

Our experience comes from our thinking, not from what’s happening in the world. Prior to seeing this truth, Jo would try to swap out her negative thoughts with more positive ones. Now, she’s found freedom in simply recognizing how thought creates her experience without needing to change it.

The Hang Up Your Superhero Cape podcast offers an answer to the overwhelm and stress for health professionals. During the pandemic, the demand for primary care services skyrocketed, and doctors struggled to meet the need. With additional criticism from the media, too many doctors and nurses have quit due to stress and overwhelm. Jo’s hope is to show her colleagues the truth about how their experience is created so that they might experience freedom and fall in love with their jobs again.

“It’s your thinking that’s causing the burnout, not what’s happening out there.” – Jo Leahy

When your thoughts calm, you can deal with the To Do List. Health care professionals have a long list of things to do and protocols to follow. While these things need to be done, when your thoughts settle, you are better equipped to take action and more effective in doing so.

Peace and resilience comes from within. We spend so much time chasing happiness from external sources, but true happiness and peace can only be found by going within, before the body and mind. If you have a nice feeling, you’re getting it.

Without your troubled thinking, you feel better immediately. Without your thoughts about a “problem,” there’s simply what is. The situation doesn’t change, but everything feels completely different. This is the antidote for stress and overwhelm.

“When we come from a place of peace, not only do we see what really needs to be done and what doesn’t, we’re much more effective at doing what does need to be done.” – Jo Leahy

A call to spread the contagion of PEACE. Jo’s hope is that her colleagues in health care will see enough about the nature of their experience to find the feeling of inner peace. When calm, we know the resources we already have and can do what needs to be done to care for ourselves and others.

Seeing the invisible power of thought ends the Blame Game in relationships. It’s easy to blame our partner and demand that they change, but we can’t control their behavior. The source of frustration is never in them; it’s a thought created experience in us. This opens a space of compassion for ourselves and others.

You don’t have to replace your stories to find freedom; just realize you’re telling them. As soon as you catch yourself telling a story of anger, blame or sadness, the choice to tell a different story emerges. When you begin to see how others tell thought-stories and live them out as if they’re real, you can meet them with compassion.

Meet Jo Leahy, Transformational Coach 

Jo Leahy is a retired GP (Family Physician) living in Shropshire, UK, who now enjoys life as a Transformative Coach, working with individuals, practices and Primary Care Networks to maximise their enjoyment and effectiveness. 

The conversations Jo has with her clients allow them to connect with their innate wellbeing and to live a purposeful, effective life, despite all that is going on around them. She mostly works with clients from health care backgrounds, especially those in Clinical Leadership roles in Primary Care, although her clients come from all walks of life. 

Jo’s family is grown up now, but her three sons are an important part of her life, scattered as they are to different corners of the earth! 

Connect with Jo 

Website: https://settlingthesnowglobe.com 

Hang Up Your Supercape Podcast: https://settlingthesnowglobe.com/ 

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