hand releasing dove

I recently had an inspiring conversation with Nico Olivieri and his Creatives and Changemakers Club in which we pondered:

What is FREEDOM? Is it possible to create purely by doing what you want?

As we contemplated what freedom might be, when we have it and when we don’t, I found myself looking to the Space before freedom and my thoughts about it.

A peace washed over me and I thought:

Freedom is wanting what I have, and doing what’s mine to do.

It’s being Stephanie, having Stephanie experiences, and doing what a Stephanie does naturally, in the wild, without her thinking about what that should look like or how it measures up to anyone else.

When I want what I’ve got, it doesn’t mean resignation. Conversely, the path to the creation of something new arises naturally from my acceptance of what’s happening in the moment.

It doesn’t require force or efforting for life to live through me.

I am surprised at how paradoxical this feels. Most of the time, I’ve thought of freedom as an escape from constraints, whether they be the rules of society or my own thinking.

But now freedom feels more like surrender.

I’m not trying to be something I’m not or struggling to exert my will over constrictions.

It’s not about ME anymore; it’s about life living through me, and somehow there is so much more of me available.

So if you really, really let yourself be in the moment you’re in right now, with everything you experience in this moment, whether you like it or not…

…what would that be like? 

From that space, what is yours to do?

It may be small and simple, one of the truest virtues, like breathing and pumping blood.

You’re absolutely divine, and perfectly free.