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“Don’t hold back the goods,” a voice whispers to me this morning.

We wonder why our potential clients don’t see our value.

We’ve been hiding it away.

We’ve been told we are too much, too sensitive, tone it down.

We learn to withhold the experience of ourselves in an attempt to create a more attractive and palatable version.

An old story says it’s unsafe to be me until I know that I’ll be accepted. I’m exposed and in danger of being hurt.

When I think my safety comes from the approval of others and the security of my circumstances, this makes perfect sense. Of course, I’ll hide myself away in order to protect myself.

But it is in allowing the full expression of me that those clients, friends and lovers are drawn.

It is by sharing the “too muchness” of myself that I receive what I seek.

No validation quote from The Awakened Business

Where does true safety lie?

There is a place within where you are always held and chosen exactly as you are. There is no person or circumstance that can undo it, much as your thinking may tell you otherwise.

When you open the tap by sharing your experience, the Universe pours itself into and through you. You are receiving as you give, and giving as you receive.

This holds you in a security more complete than any protection arising from an attempt to control an external world that cannot be controlled.

I see coaches saving their best for paying clients and hiding behind discovery calls. Yet if you’re not sharing your gifts, how can they know what you have to offer?

Give them a taste of the experience you create. Let them know what you are that they may choose.

It doesn’t have to look like a free session. There are a million ways to create mini-transformations in your articles, videos, social media posts, workshops and conversations.

You can give from the overflow of everything as it moves through you, and receive the truest desires of your heart.

If you didn’t need validation, understanding or appreciation, what would you be?

I’ll meet you there.

Yours in creative play,