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What is truth?

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The other day a beautiful friend of mine was hurting and I asked them what they needed.

“Truth,” they said. “I need truth.”

I’ve heard it saiid that the truth hurts sometimes, and it’s something I’ve thought about a lot.

It’s not the truth that hurts.

The truth just is.

The truth I’m speaking of here isn’t your personal truth or what we might call beliefs. Your personal truth, my personal truth, is made up of thought. It’s not capital “T” truth.

The truth, our deepest spiritual truth, doesn’t hurt. It just is.

When I’m resting in truth there is relief, there is quiet, there is space, which inevitably feels much better than the noisy thinking I’ve had about what I think the truth is.

A spiritual truth is what remains when everything else that changes and dies goes away.

I think so many times we look for truth in our minds and we can’t find it there.

We look for truth in other people. We look for it in the world and the circumstances we desire, and there it cannot be found there.

The direction to look is within.

Truth lives within and you know it by how it feels.

If it hurts that is not the truth; it’s only what you’ve made up about it.

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