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I love an audacious, outrageous, irreverent marketing campaign.

Watch this:

Cards Against Humanity’s latest Black Friday stunt offers proof that what we’re selling is NOT our stuff, or even the benefits of our stuff. It’s a feeling, an experience, a worldview.

You can literally get people to pay you money for nothing — and then watch them brag about it.

Want to get noticed? Get up on your soapbox and share your most passionate beliefs. Get fired up. Piss some people off.

Cards Against Humanity is a role model. (Scary thought, that.)

If you’re not sure what your passionate beliefs might be, all you have to do is watch yourself. What really pisses you off? What gets under your skin? WHY?

Exploring this is one of my favorite ways to empower entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Get up on that soapbox, my friend and YAWP.