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Lots of “successful” people say you need to have a coach if you want to play bigger and make a real impact on the world. (I put “successful” in quotes to indicate the dubious definition and often careless use of the term.)

So you’re “supposed” to hire a business coach if you want to make it big. But is it worth it?

Watch this:

I’ve worked with numerous coaches, counselors and mentors over the years. It isn’t until recently that I’ve discovered how much I’ve learned from each and every one of them.

It seems I learn best by osmosis, by exposing myself to the presence of these individuals. They show me a variation of what’s possible. They teach me tools and strategies for learning about myself.

I find myself using the things I’ve learned through working with them, almost without thinking. It’s become embedded in my DNA, and I find myself channeling their strength and wisdom as I work with other people.

Do you NEED a coach? No.

Is it worth it? Hell, yeah.

When you bring your all and meet another person in a dedicated space of power where she brings her all to meet you…amazing things can happen.

What experiences have you have with a coach or mentor?