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I’m obsessed with superpowers.

These are the things you do so easily and naturally that you probably don’t even think of them as superpowers at all. They’re just too easy.

But your family and friends say, “How do you DO that?”

I love superpowers because they can be leveraged to market and grow your business. But…

Your superpowers also have a Dark Side.

Watch this:

It’s no surprise that my favorite superhero deity is Hanuman.

Hanuman is the monkey deity, a child who’s essentially invincible. He can shrink or expand to any size. He’s immune to fire. He possesses incredible strength and can travel at the speed of light. He’s blessed with lifelong happiness and wisdom. Even death cannot harm him.

Hanuman kicks ass. Except for one thing…

He was a very mischievous monkey-child who loved to tease the monks and sages. He’d steal their robes and hide their things.

One day, the monks had enough of his mischief, so they cursed him.

Hanuman forgets his powers, until someone reminds him.

And so it is with us.

We are human and divine at once, only we’ve forgotten about the divine part.

It’s time to remember.