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What is the message you most need to hear right now?

Watch this to find out:

For me, it’s usually the message I’m avoiding.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a demonic imp, a horrific infant pulling itself across the ground, mouth full of sharp teeth, reaching for me.

It’s a wonder I’ve been avoiding it, eh?

But this is a part of me, a very young part, that desperately wants my attention. What might happen if I listen for a change?

In my experience, working with these “terrors” reveals them to be something else entirely; exiled parts of myself, the “shadow” that’s been sabotaging things behind the scenes in an attempt to get noticed.

When we sit down to have a chat (sometimes literally) it shifts. I realize that the path to free lies in the integration of these “unwanted” parts of me, not in rooting them out.

What do you think?