One of the most vulnerable things for me is sharing what I believe.

I’m fine talking about it one-on-one over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, when I can look into your eyes and you can see into my soul.

But publicly? 

It makes me a little weak in the knees.

For much of my life, I haven’t shared what I really think about certain things.

  • What if I’m misunderstood?
  • What if I accidentally hurt someone?
  • What if someone thinks I’m judging them? (Because god forbid I should be a normal judgey human being.)

I’ve realized that I’m a bit of a contrarian. I’m drawn to point out the exception to the rule and the viewpoint that isn’t expressed. I think this gives us all a chance to see something new, even when (or especially when) it goes against mainstream thinking.

It’s important for me to share what I believe, not just for self-expression, but for my BUSINESS.

While some of what I’m saying is bound to repulse some people, it’s going to attract others who are looking in the same direction. 

The more clear and bold my expression of I’m about, the more cool, aligned people show up to play.

If you want to attract clients who love what you do so much that they become raving fans, be brave enough to share what you believe…especially when it’s different from the norm.

This flies in the face of what we’ve been taught about “keeping it professional” when it comes to business.

All those thoughts warning you to keep it safe and agreeable can keep you INVISIBLE.

I’ve found that most of my client-playmates are NOT talking about exactly the things that will most powerfully attract the attention of their potential soulmate clients.

Would you like to work with clients who share your vision for changing the world, hold similar values, and love the journey with you?

Or clients who have you biting your tongue and twisting yourself into knots to keep them happy?

Then, please, share what you believe and let people see you.

When it comes to sharing what you believe, it’s not the stuff everyone agrees on that I’m talking about. You can find that around every corner.

It’s sharing what you believe that CONTRADICTS or QUESTIONS what’s commonly taught or understood that I’m talking about.

What do your clients need to know that no one else dares to say?

When you share this, it’s polarizing, and when you connect it to the result your clients want, you have their full attention.

Your soulmate clients step forward. Your nightmare clients run screaming.

This is called your Contrarian Voice of Wisdom.

Stand up and share this loudly and clearly.

For example:

A nutritionist specializing in eating disorders who refuses to set diets or weight loss goals.

A movement practitioner who helps people with chronic illness as if their bodies are working perfectly.

A therapist who doesn’t use the word trauma.

A business coach who believes in “unmarketing,” breaking the rules of business, and the path of effortless transformation. (That’s me, by the way.)

There’s a story behind each of these statements, a way of seeing the world that allows these experts to create unprecedented results for their perfect clients.

When you state what you authentically believe and explain why, it immediately connects with those who share your worldview.

You stand out as an expert with a bold voice and fresh offer, a welcome alternative in the sea of sameness.

When you follow that with a detailed explanation of how those beliefs inform your unique methodology, the transformation you create for clients, and an offer to help them do exactly that in the form of transformational content (which I’ve shared in previous posts)…

You get inquiries from people who don’t need to be sold or convinced about the value of what you do.

And not only that, they come to you clear about how you can help them. All they need are the details of payment and a start date.

The most beautiful thing, to me, about sharing what you do this way is how clear, clean and authentic it is. There is no pretense or gimmicks required.

What you do is the perfect match for the people you’re meant to serve. 

All you have to do is be clear and specific in your communication to connect with them.

It’s my absolute joy to help entrepreneurs articulate their deep purpose, mission and genius for world-changing impact. 🙂 I have a program for experienced coaches, healers, wellness practitioners and change-making experts, working with me one-on-one, to craft an irresistible offer and attract 3-5 soulmate client leads per week by sharing transformational content with joyful online “unmarketing.”

You’ll also need to be a good writer and/or speaker who loves to share your expertise, and already be familiar with the basics of sales and marketing. If this sounds interesting, contact me here and we’ll have a chat to see if it’s a match.

Yours in creative play,