I’ve been planning a trip to Japan to fulfill my Impossible Project of performing a story in Japanese on stage in Tokyo.

My tickets are booked for departure on April 5th.

I’ve connected with a comedienne, actor and storyteller to co-host a storytelling event.

It’s all happening!

Then enter our friend, COVID-19, aka the novel coronavirus.

When my original accommodations were canceled because my host works in the tourism industry, I was undeterred. 

Even with increasing public panic, I listened to my knowing which said, “You’re still going to Japan.”

I trusted my knowing, even though friends, parents and peers were understandably concerned.

Here’s the interesting thing:

Without going into fear or doing any conscious research, I began to selectively review sources for information about the virus.

Without buying into the panic visibly increasing daily, I continued to raise my awareness about the situation.

Two days ago, my knowing changed.

“Delay the trip to Japan,” it said.

So that’s what I’m doing. Without freakout or fan fare.

I’ll still go, when the time is right, and this gives me even more time to prepare for my storytelling event! (Here’s a video I made about my choice.)

All the personal drama aside, this experience is teaching me some valuable lessons.

3 Life Lessons From COVID-19:

#1 – I can trust my wisdom to guide me.

For most of my life, I’ve lived in recurring doubt.

Am I making the right decisions? Should I be listening to this person? Am I making a mistake?

When I stop overthinking and let it settle…

I know what to do. 

And I can trust it, even if it doesn’t “make sense” to my critical mind.

This is HUGE.

It’s as true when it comes to the coronavirus as it is with choosing what to eat for dinner.

#2 – Going into fearful thinking isn’t necessary to make smart choices. 

I used to think that fear was an indication that something was WRONG and I was in danger.

As long as I needed fear to protect me, of course I was going to hang onto it!

But now I know that fear is simply an indication of fearful thinking, and it’s a reminder to come back into the present moment.

When my thinking settles, I’m clear and calm. I know what to do without the fear.

#3 – My wisdom isn’t “wrong” just because it changes. It provides real time, in the moment, guidance.

Up until a few days ago, my wisdom was still guiding me to Japan.

Then overnight I had new marching orders based on updated information and guidance.

Does that mean my original guidance was “wrong?”

Hell, no!

Wisdom comes in real time with the awareness of everything in our current environment. As that changes, guidance changes accordingly.

I can trust what I know to do until I know something else.

You can be safe and guided without buying into the voices of fear and panic.

You can choose a path that keeps your loved ones safe.

You can make choices that don’t “make sense” to anyone else because it’s what you know.

And when it’s time for a change of course, you’ll know that, too.

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

How do you know what you know?

This is something you’ll need to discover for yourself, but this is how it seems to me:

Your knowing doesn’t depend upon emotion; it’s neutral or peaceful.

Sometimes I know what to choose right away. 

Other times, I go through a whole slew of thoughts and emotions until it settles.

Then I simply know.

This primary question of Human Design is one that I suggest you ponder for yourself, whether you’re into the whole Human Design thing or not:

What’s YOUR design for living and knowing? 

I’m excited to continue this exploration as part of my commitment to living joyfully and authentically.

And I’m curious…

What is this pandemic situation teaching you?

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