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“I felt a huge wave of inspiration and something that hadn’t been clicking, clicked. I realized some of the essence of the work that I’m doing and what it is that I can really offer people.” – Liz Jezorski

Liz Jezorski is a Dance Movement Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher at Wild Embodiment who helps her clients embody their innermost sense of freedom and truth.

She offers one-on-one sessions in person and remotely, group experiences, workshops and retreats that incorporate her education in psychology, dance movement, shamanic journeying and storytelling.

We did Awakened Business coaching together for two months. During that time I was impressed by her gentle yet commanding presence and the vision she holds for a peaceful, connected world.

Challenge: Monetizing Her Message

When Liz came to me, it was obvious she had a wealth of expertise and value to offer that wasn’t being communicated clearly. She’d spent years collecting degrees and credentials that didn’t seem to be paying off in terms of money.

She had an idea of the business she wanted to create and was frustrated with crafting a message that would connect with her ideal clients and generate income immediately.

In our first session, Liz clarified her offer and designed both a free call and package designed to attract her ideal clients. She promoted it to her audience and immediately had five calls with prospects, three of which turned into bookings.

The Past: Lacking Message Clarity and Steady Income

When we first met, Liz was in the final stages of completing her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and a clinical internship in the mental health system. Both left her feeling unfulfilled and unable to use all of her talents to make the difference she dreamed of being in the world.

She’d immersed herself in a traditional education in psychology, along with dance movement therapies, yoga and shamanic healing work, searching for the path to a business she could live with authenticity and integrity.

She struggled to define her work. Was it counseling? Healing? Coaching? This lack of clarity made it difficult to get clients.

What she needed was a strategy for monetizing the gifts she had to offer through a business that was aligned with her beliefs and lifestyle. Her ultimate vision included multiple income streams including one-on-one sessions, group experiences and retreats.

The Solution: An Irresistible Offer & Compelling Invitation

In our very first session together, Liz identified and clarified her Irresistible Offer for a three session package designed to attract her ideal clients. Within 30 days, she had three paying clients for her new business and the confidence to move forward.

We clarified who Liz’s ideal client is, the challenges they face, their “magic wand” scenario and the solution she was uniquely qualified to deliver.

Then we determined the exact words to express these things in a way her ideal clients would instantly recognize.

I gave Liz tasks around powerfully communicating her message to 10 prospects and helped her release limiting beliefs about the value she has to offer. We created a plan to leverage her current networking and community connections to attract her soulmate clients.

As a result of our work together, Liz:

  • Created an Irresistible Offer for an introductory conversation.
  • Crafted an Irresistible Offer and promotion for her 3 session package.
  • Booked 3 clients within 30 days.

Our work together gave Liz the confidence and boost she needed to launch her one-of-a-kind business doing healing sessions and events in a way that aligns with her truth.

Interested in creating your own Irresistible Offer?

Contact me for a free no-pressure conversation to see how I can help.