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This is my official “coming out” of the Awakened Business, and my multiple confessions of insecurity, transformation addiction and giving dependence.

If that doesn’t float your boat, whet your whistle or otherwise arouse your curiosities, then…

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I enjoy challenging myself, with things like this 100 Conversations Challenge, for example.

But that’s just the beginning. Whether it’s A Course in Miracles, The Presence Process, or a 40 day Kundalini yoga meditation, I’m pretty much addicted to transformation.

I’ve been integrating those unprocessed childhood emotions (oh, joy!) and really taking a look at those exiled child parts, like the demonic imp and the ghost child. It’s a weird place in my psyche.

I’m becoming aware of the ways I’ve been giving myself away in order to prove my worth, and how helping others can be a method of hiding.

It’s not always fun, but I’m driven to keep going. There’s too much to learn and too much at stake.

The upside of this exploration of human drama is that it’s actually absolutely, absurdly funny the way we torture ourselves.

A sense of humor is a necessity when it comes to being human. Thank the gods.

What do you think about transformation?