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dog with leaves on its head

I was sitting before the TV screen and my partner’s YouTube feed, when the thumbnail of a video appeared.

“You’ve Got a Friend In Me,” performed on flamenco guitar by AcousticTrench with his Golden Retriever, Maple, snuggling a stuffed Woody toy at his feet and gazing up at him with adoration.

I watched another video and another, until landing on his latest titled, “Saying Goodbye (What a Wonderful World)” dedicated to his best friend, Maple the Golden Retriever, who had died a few weeks earlier.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, full of love and loss.

Here’s the video with over 6 million views. I tried to watch it again, without crying this time, and failed miserably.

I looked back over the eight year history of AcousticTrench’s YouTube channel to witness the evolution of its creation.

The first videos are a steady shot of the musician’s fingers on the guitar. Even in a single shot you can see the love and artistry of capturing the strings, the dust in the air, the beginnings of what the channel would become.

Then Maple appears in the videos. “AcousticTrench with Maple on drums.” The costumed dog plays drums or bongos in time with the music. It’s irresistibly charming, and viewership increases. 

Then the next videos are shot in beautiful nature settings, Maple in the snow as her person plays guitar.

The video editing gets more elaborate, until each is a mini-movie, and Maple is joined by Cherry, two dogs romping through wildflowers.

Lessons In Creativity From a Viral YouTube Channel

I’m quite sure Acoustictrench had no idea what his channel would become when he posted that first simple video of his music.

His journey is an inspiring example of what I’m noticing about creation.

The path to genius can only be seen in hindsight, but you can feel its guidance in the moment.

Much as I’ve pleaded with the experts (or God) to, “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it, already!” the full plan is never given to me.

That’s because inner guidance comes real-time, in response to what’s happening. Like a GPS, it navigates us in the moment, one turn at a time.

I no longer expect to know the “how” of getting to my destination, because I can trust the guidance of right now.

Trust your inclinations and nudges.

I’d bet money that Acoustictrench started including Maple in his videos simply because it delighted him, and he wanted to share it. (I’ll have to check with him to verify.)

In any case, he had no way of knowing it would be so popular, even if something inside him said so. A million-and-one unpredictable variables were at play.

And yet…those little inspirations and nudges to do, try, test, “just because,” are taking you somewhere. Maybe not always where you think, but they are Genius whispering in your ear.

Don’t wait to figure it out; get on the magic carpet now.

Because your inner guidance works in real-time and responds to the moment, it doesn’t fully kick in until you’re moving.

If Acoustictrench had waited to perfect his editing skills before making that first video, he wouldn’t have started when he did, and he would have missed the gift of everything he created along the way.

Notice the little nudges. Take action on them. They will take you to wonderful places you never could have imagined.

“Confidence and clarity are overrated. Confidence comes and goes. Clarity comes only in hindsight. Start now.” — Stephanie Benedetto

I’m overwhelmed with joy, sadness and awe for the process of creation.

I love how Acoustictrench weaved together these diverse loves — music, guitar, video, dogs, composition — into art that could only be expressed through this unique soul.

“I want to do this when I grow up!” I think.

And I know that I am doing this. 

I am integrating my own diverse loves: business and spirituality, coaching and stories, psychology and play.

One of my greatest joys is being moved by this divine creation, then as a witness and wayfinder for its emergence in others.

My heart swells with gratitude for how lucky I am — how lucky we are — to do this thing called life.

It is what I love, and so, it calls me.

You’re invited to join me in this exploration of our creative genius in the Play Circle membership or in a 1:1 Wildspire coaching journey just for transformative coaches, healers and entrepreneurs.

This is the simple joy of creation: being what we are.

Yours in creative play,