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woman pondering how to get unstuck in business

A dear friend of mine has the gift of Big Vision.

Her vision is so compelling, inspiring and vast that she cannot see a clear path from here to there.

The mundane tasks of today seem small and disconnected from her vision of the future, and sometimes she gets stuck.

The vision is so far-reaching that she begins solving for problems she doesn’t yet have.

“How will this work when we have 100 clients? 1,000?” she asks.

“How about we get one client first? When we have so many clients that it doesn’t scale, that will be a nice problem to have.” I laugh.

It’s beautiful and strange how our minds make up futures, and then struggle to find solutions for problems that don’t exist.

If your project (for example) is creating a coach training program, and you begin thinking about all the steps necessary to make it happen — which is what your mind will inevitably do…

…it feels overwhelming, and where do you begin?

Feeling Stuck In Business

You don’t have to do the whole thing. Ever.

In fact, it’s impossible because “creating a coach training program” isn’t a single task, but a string of as yet undetermined steps, none of which exist in the present.

The same is true with anything, whether it’s a business or a relationship you’re creating. It unfolds one moment at a time.

We get to stick to one simple job: be present enough to notice what’s happening, and ride it.

I’m dropping ALL the jobs except this one.

It’s not my job to earn 6 figures or even $1 that isn’t happening right now.

It’s not my job to get results for my clients.

It’s not my job to consume a diet providing consistent energy with minimal environmental impact. (Jeez, consuming an entire diet would leave me stuffed!)

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The present moment is just the right size bite.”

Mavis Karn, paraphrased

These things are far beyond our capacity in the moment, and yet somehow, miraculously, they unfold, one small action at a time.

The path to everything, everything, everything you’d like to create or change starts right here, right now. It’s already happening.

Your only job is to slow down to the speed of life and catch the wave.

Let the ocean carry you to the place where you’ll ride the next wave. In the ebb and flow, the ocean is always happening you.

Hold that vision, like the embrace of a delicious dream, and notice what stirs now, what occurs to you now.

Don’t worry about the next thing; do the now thing.

You don’t have to figure out the Now Thing. When you get quiet, it will do you. 

Suddenly you’ll lift your head and notice yourself doing something, without thinking or pushing or efforting.

Most of your life is lived like this, through the tiny actions taken each day without thinking. You stoop to pick up clothes off the floor, rescue an eyelash from your partner’s cheek, scratch an itch on your thigh.

The big things are just like the little things — at least when you’re not thinking about their size.

Yes. It gets to be this simple.

Do the Now Thing.

Yours in creative play,