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Lillian Brummet’s story is one of shifting from the darkness of depression into the light of positivity, one small step at a time.

In this conversation, Lillian shares some glimpses into her past and how she created a life of conscious choice that now includes multi-media sharing of good news and hope to a wide audience. She also treats us to a poem you can read below.

Here’s some of what we explore:

  • The power and impact of a moment
  • How to make a difference without carrying the weight of the world and burning out
  • Small ways to start creating positive impact today
  • Going from recluse to social activist
  • How to diffuse dark thoughts
  • What to do to feel better when forgiveness of someone who harmed you seems like too much

Listen on the podcast:

How to Make a Difference Without Burning Out

What does it mean to “live consciously?” According to Lilian, it’s recognizing the power of the moment to create impact: a glance, a smile, a word or an action. We’re already having an impact, but by becoming conscious, we can make it a positive one. Lillian recalls a random encounter with a stranger at thirteen years old, when it seemed no one cared, that stays with her till this day.

“The smallest things we do can often have the greatest impact on another person.” – Lillian Brummet

Living consciously doesn’t mean we have to do everything, but we can make more conscious choices. Volunteers, coaches and changemakers sometimes feel a heavy responsibility to make a difference. Allowing ourselves to simply be present feels lighter and brings a greater awareness of how to create impact. Simple conscious choices include where we spend our money or time and how we align with collaborators.

Start small when it comes to making conscious choices. After getting into a horrible car accident, Lillian lost her business and suffered from chronic pain and depression. What began as a desperate attempt to feel better gradually developed into a conscious and proactive lifestyle. She began by eliminating the negativity of news, and slowly shifted her focus to a more positive direction. Now she writes and highlights the positive actions of others.

“I’m choosing what I’m feeding my brain. I’m feeding it positivity.” – Lillian Brummet

Shifting to positivity allows us to become more open. Lillian still sometimes feels a tendency to withdraw and protect herself, but changing her focus to positivity built up her confidence and showed her the impact of simply sharing her story.

Claim your power by knowing yourself as the creator of your reality. Lillian shares the beautiful poem she’s written below, Virago, a reminder that where we put our attention determines the seeds that grow in our minds.

Quiet the voice of “not good enough” with a simple question. “What was my intent in that moment?” There’s always a good intention behind our actions, no matter how misguided, and recognizing this can open the door to forgiveness.

“Making mistakes is part of learning, growing and evolving as a person. It doesn’t mean we’re flawed.” – Lillian Brummet

If you’re struggling with forgiveness, try acceptance. Lillian had difficulty with the idea of forgiving the people who abused and mistreated her. Instead, she found peace by accepting what happened and letting it go, and claiming her responsibility for conscious action now. Acceptance of what is opens the door to something new.

“The world is not as dark as we perceive it to be. Everything is perception. If we change our focus, we realize there are a lot of beautiful things happening.” – Lillian Brummet

Virago © Lillian Brummet Oct 2021


Gone are the days of
Head down, eyes averted
Gone are the days of
So many years of
Stumbling over such
Trifle, insignificant
Fumbling through I learn
Even solid matters not what it seems.
Everything is an enigma.

I learned that interpretations
Are based on stories I tell myself
According to the narrow window view
That I had at the time.
These wild, amazing, painful experiences,
Reflected in my own mirror;
A mirror full of stories.

Shamans tell us the true warrior is not
A mindless obedient soldier
Loving the team, thrilling in the rush,
Hating the haunting horror.
This budding virago learned that a true warrior
Strives for personal freedom
To unlock the barriers we set for ourselves
To change society by evolving
Into a Virago.

Viragos are aware of the fertile soil of the mind.
Of the seeds that we allowed to land
And those we plant ourselves,
Viragos consciously choose the seeds
They will nurture.

A warrior starts with this awareness
Just growing consciousness of
Everyday experiences and
They learn the power of a single word
And they fear to abuse it,
The spoken words, the words in thought;
They strive to be impeccable with word.

Viragos learn to not take life experiences
Too seriously nor personally:
They learn that her reaction
Or his facial expression
Or memories recounted to our selves
Do not define us.
They often have nothing to do with us.
The walking wounded, however,
Tell awful stories to our selves
We agree to plant that seed and we nurture it.
It becomes part of our Belief System.

A Virago learns to ask questions
To research, to become educated
Instead of assuming or telling stories.
Virago warriors learn that forgiveness
Begins with themselves.
They learn to live simply.
They accept that doing their best is enough:
Their intent was pure,
The impact meant to be positive,
They put forth their best effort,
Knowing that the quality of their best
Will vary day to day,
Hour to hour,
They were authentically themselves…
And that is enough.
No matter how flawed they
Tell themselves that they are.

Viragos embrace the belief
That each moment is a valuable gift.
They live fully in the moment.
They let go of the past.
They become a giant in the war
Against the inner Judge, the Victim,
The Belief System, which they built
Every day of their life
Based on agreements they made.
“Yes, you are right I am slow.
Yes, you are right, I am weird.
Yes, this is God, that is not.”
Agreements that became a belief system.

This is the war that true warriors,
and viragos, if you are a girl,
Joyfully, enthusiastically face:
Challenging the loud inner voices
Of those parasite entities
The Judge, the Victim
The Belief System

– By Lillian Brummet 


Meet Lillian Brummet, Author & Positive Media Maker

 Lillian and her husband Dave are the team behind Brummet Media Group, high-fiving cheerfully as they pass each other on the way from checking off one item or other from their long to-do list. Their business includes Dave’s music studio and percussion repair services, Lillian’s dog sitting services, numerous award-winning books, a YouTube channel and 2 popular blogs.

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