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Magical path to a lighthouse


More fading melody
than creature to pin

More momentary spark
than decent granite

More here
than where
of “oh! there she-they-it is”
on a map


Seeker Explorer Lover
Human Animal Being
Soft Changeable Strong

(I am describing…what exactly?)

Now she seeks.
Now she hides.

One moment
seeming human
The next
more cosmos
than flesh


An earthquake perceived by its effects
She rocks me
but I know her most by
what jostles in strange places


A moving target
A cluster of experiences
Thought on thought
winding around
the mythical nucleus
of identity


An invitation to feast
A conversation with god talking to themself
A prayer in a jar with the label written in pencil

False as a dream
Mercurial as wind
Fertile as earth


a glorious happening