Worried Girl

Have you ever played the Money Shame Game?

I was feeling it last week. Yeesh.

Here’s what happened…

I shared my insights (so far) from my 30 Day Crazy Marketing Experiment.

Someone asked me, “How much did you make in sales?”


At the time I’d had ZERO sales as a result of my marketing experiment.

And I was ashamed to admit it.

Who would ever listen to me about marketing if my experiment was a failure?

I also knew that reporting those results was premature.

I could feel the power of the connections and relationships I’ve been creating, the fun I’ve been having in conversation that can only lead to wonderful things…sooner or later.

But my thinking about it was creating embarrassment and shame. I didn’t want you to know.

So I didn’t mention it.

If I’m going to be transparent about my experiments, it requires that I tell you the truth.

I’m sorry for not including that immediately and for buying into that #shitstory.

So here are the measurable results (to date) directly attributable to my 30 Day Crazy Marketing Experiment which ended two weeks ago:

  • I invited 25 people to have a free conversation with me.
  • I had 3 people contact me (not personally invited by me.)
  • 12 people scheduled conversations.
  • I have 3 new clients (so far) and at least 5 others who’ve expressed interest in working with me at some point.
  • $2,300 in additional income.

Week 2 (Projector Marketing Week) yielded 8 sessions scheduled, by far the most.

So I DID end up with clients and income as a result, even though it didn’t show up immediately.


I’m not going to hold back on sharing the results of my experiments anymore.

“Failure” is a part of the game, right?

So here are more insights from this experiment.

#1 – It (sometimes) takes time to get results.

Sure, things can happen fast.

But just as often, it takes time for things to ripen and develop.

If I didn’t already have experience in marketing and sales, it probably would have taken a lot longer to get these results.

Be patient with yourself.

#2 – Consistent action over time creates results.

I’ve been sticking with my marketing experiment.

I’ve slowed down the pace, but I’m continuing to build on those relationships and sharing the content that moves me.

If I’d given up after four weeks, I wouldn’t have these new clients today.

These actions are not only moving the needle, but they feel aligned.

Keep going, even if you can’t see the tangible results yet.

#3 – When you serve powerfully and contribute to people, it has a return on investment beyond what you dream is possible.

Even if I never saw a dime in my pocket from this experiment…

I’ve loved and inspired people.

I’ve delivered value in conversations, content and support.

And most importantly, I’ve had fun.

What you do is changing the world.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

I love you.

Yours in creative play,


P.S. I’m beyond thrilled to invite you to share a virtual coffee and Wild Creation chat with me! If you’ve been thinking about it, hit me up and we’ll make it happen.

Let’s create something amazing together. 🙂