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“How to know what is to become a business, when the moment is right, and how to differentiate this from those things that look or sound like a good thing to do, but which are not (yet)?

“For example, I love drawing and painting. Yet making this a business never worked, especially not with ‘traditional marketing’ (I tried a little bit years ago.)

“Until today, I am not sure if the time has yet come to get into some kind of business with my art, or if other things are not ‘more important’ right now – or if art is something that mostly wants to stay on the side of not being a business thing most of the time. (Maybe this also has to do with the ‘traditional way of marketing’ that can take quite some fun out of it; or that relying on art for a living has the potential to drive away my creativity.)

“The core is that, in my life, I came upon activities that might have it into them to become a business. Yet the time was never right – or I did not recognize it when the time was right and missed it (and have to wait until ‘the next right time,’ if there is one.)

“Thus, my question is to know is what/how to differentiate – what wants to become more (like a business) and what just wants to be a passion or adventure for a short or long period of time?”

The “Right” Timing is the Now Timing

Here’s my short answer to your question about how to know when the timing is right: try it and see.

We’re so obsessed with getting things right! Here’s a video about how to know what to do when you’re worried about getting it wrong.

Now, I’m not sure if this is strictly true, but here’s how it looks to me:

If you desire something, the universe is inviting you to create it. Since the only time for creating is now, why not give it a shot?

Things do seem to have a timing of their own, but the timing often becomes clear when you test it, and not simply from thinking (or obsessing) about it.

I don’t believe it’s ever too late or that there’s ever a “right” or “wrong” time. Either it’s happening, or it isn’t.

Sometimes I attempt things and then obstacles slow me down. My energy for the project waxes and wanes. But if I truly want something, I’ll keep going and eventually a path emerges.

Other times, I might try something and then lose interest. It’s simply what happens (or doesn’t.)

When your mind quiets and you slow down, you’ll begin to notice what’s emerging by the way it feels: inspiring, effortless. It pulls you and almost seems to happen on its own, even when you’re extremely active in its creation.

This is the feel of Now Timing, the thing that wants to happen NOW.

It’s natural and doesn’t require thought or decision. You may find yourself taking action without knowing it, the way you scratch an itch or take a sip of water when you’re thirsty.

Your experience of creating can be many things, but this emergent creation is enlivening.

If you think you’d like to create something, you can dip your toes in the water before jumping in. You can flirt with several ideas, take a few on a date, and see if a long-term relationship happens.

The first step is where it all begins, and that always happens now.

What if you don’t overthink it?

One day you may revisit the idea of making money with your art, and it will feel right. It will move you into action and you’ll know it’s time.

Or you might continue doing your art and an opportunity to make money with it may appear out of nowhere, and you may find yourself saying yes.

It can be that simple.