They told me it couldn’t be done.

I was tired of using the same-old, hypey marketing strategies to for my coaching business.

I don’t believe in ONE way of doing things, so I’m not going to sell my “proprietary system” to my would-be clients.

I don’t believe that I’m the authority — I believe your intuition is your #1 authority — and I refuse to present myself that way.

I don’t even like calling myself a “business coach” because it doesn’t even begin to describe the magic of what’s created with my client-playmates!

Over and over, the experts and coaches taught me that I need to use psychological tactics designed to close the sale.  They said I must focus on ONE niche for my business if I wanted to succeed.

Those tactics and strategies worked…until they didn’t.

Until something inside me told me that there had to be a different way of doing business.


Since then, I’ve given myself permission to bend, break and reinvent the rules of business in alignment with my soul and my intuitive guidance.

If this sounds familiar, here are 5 reasons why this is happening to you.

#1 – A spiritual business begins with intuition, not logic.

A spiritual entrepreneur moves with a deep sense of purpose and integrity.

While it isn’t necessary to throw out the systems, formulas and templates of business, it is time to set them aside and ask:

What’s MY way of doing this? How am I being guided?

Then the strategies of traditional business take their rightful place as the servant of that Inner Knowing.

#2 – If the energy isn’t aligned, even “proven” strategies simply may not work for you.

A particular strategy may not violate your values or integrity. You’re clear that it’s okay for you, and may even have used it in the past.

But if that strategy isn’t aligned for you now in this particular situation, it may not be a fit.

Here’s one example:

I followed a formula for extending an offer to the people on my email list, describing the benefits in the compelling language of my ideal prospects  and limiting the quantity on offer.

I got a few responses, but none of them were a good match. 

I’d used the exact same approach with success multiple times. Something was off.

Recognizing this, I got clear on who I was looking for and began asking what it would take for them to show up.

My intuition guided me to share stories that (seemingly) had nothing to do with my business, reach out to specific people and comment on a few Facebook posts.

Within weeks I had aligned prospects finding and emailing me about working together.

So, yes. Use what you’ve learned about effective marketing and sales in business. Survey your clients. Use their words in your marketing. Sell them the benefits and not the features. Use limited time offers to encourage fast action. 

All good advice. However…

Don’t make a rule out of it. Remember to tune into your intuition and follow the nudges FIRST.

#3 – High pressure sales tactics do NOT facilitate deeply intimate, heart-centered client relationships.

In my previous businesses, I used a typical sales approach during one-on-one calls.

I’d establish deep rapport, identify the need, stir up the pain points, identify their desire and use those elements to craft a compelling sales pitch. When an objection arose, I would counter it with their own arguments and go for the close.

There’s nothing “wrong” with these strategies.

But shen the work I do with clients shifted to a more personal, spiritual nature, that approach no longer fit. 

The type of relationship I desire with client-playmates requires that both of us show up 100% committed to the process, and that may not happen if they are influenced or pressured into making a choice that’s fueled by scarcity.

So I broke the “rules” of good sales.

I slowed the sales conversation down to allow more space for clarity. Sometimes, I may suggest that they sleep on it before choosing.

Other times, I don’t make a “pitch” at all, preferring to wait for my conversational partner ask for it. Or not.

Let me be clear: these very strategies that are no longer aligned with me may be perfect for you. This is not an excuse to allow fear to keep you from making an offer.

However, there may be times when alignment with your truth goes against standard business practices. So be it. 

I believe there is a way of being in business that is aligned with both your guidance and making a profit. 

#4 – Your way of being in business, especially as a spiritual entrepreneur, is one-of-a-kind.

Spiritual entrepreneurs often find themselves in a category of one

Some of my client-playmates are doing something that’s literally never been done before in this reality. They may be channeling galactic energy or blending healing modalities or creating new transformational processes.

A recipe for these types of businesses simply does not exist.

There’s no label to define label what you do, and it may require the creative expression of multiple aspects at the same time.

You absolutely CAN diverse elements in your business, even if the experts advise against it. In fact, sometimes it’s essential that you do exactly that.

#5 – You get to create your business the way you desire.

No, really.

Ask yourself this question:

“If I had permission to do anything I want in my business, what would that be?”

Guess what? You have permission. You’re allowed.

It’s your business!

Not that you need MY permission, but there you go.

It still blows my mind how many times in conversation with amazing coaches, therapists, healers and creative entrepreneurs, they’re lamenting about how they don’t want to do something they’re “supposed” to do.

“What if you don’t do it?” I suggest.

“You mean, I’m allowed to do that?” is the reply.

Yes. You’re allowed.

Whoever you think you need permission from (God, Spirit, your high school principal, yourself) give it. Please.

Breaking All the Rules

If you find yourself breaking the rules of business, don’t freak out.

Your spiritual business isn’t going to look exactly like everyone else’s. In fact, it’s easier to market if it doesn’t!

There are no 10 Commandments of Doing Business that will get you thrown into Hell if you don’t follow them.

So use all the goodness you pick up from the marketing experts and coaches, but remember:

Align with what YOU know first, and choose a support team that honors that.

What is being relentlessly, ruthlessly YOU?

Let’s find out!

Schedule a free Wild Creation session with me. By the end of our conversation, you’ll know if ours is the creationship you didn’t know you were seeking. 🙂

Yours in creative play,


Wild Creation Coach | Alchemist of Joyful Business | Soul Transformation Storyteller