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The unexpected almost always arises in my 100 Conversations experience. That’s what makes it so much FUN.

Watch My 100 Conversations Manifesto:

Usually, I’m the one asking, “What are your takeaways?” at the end of a conversation.

One brilliant budding entrepreneur turned the tables on me by asking, “What are YOUR takeaways, Stephanie?”

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I shared my experience. In short, here’s what’s in it for me:

  • Inspiration is contagious. I catch it by getting you in an inspired state.
  • I’m exploring the process of transformation. How do you identify your purpose? How can you infuse it in your business and marketing with alignment and power? How does this change the world? (All this is informing my process and the book I’m writing.)
  • The message for you is the message for me. I get to learn from your inner wisdom.

I love this latest bit of wisdom:

“It is already written. All I have to do is say YES.”

You want it? Does it inspire you?

The world wants it, too.