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Human Design Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors in Business

Since discovering Human Design some years ago, I’ve been living in the question:

“What’s MY design for business and marketing?”

(You can read about what I’m learning from my 30 Day Marketing Experiment here.)

It’s also become a primary question pondered with my client-playmates as we explore, together, their way of living and doing business.

Now, before we go any further, please note that this article will not discuss how to read your Human Design chart, nor will it go into detail about your strategy or inner authority.

If you’d like to learn more about Human Design, I highly recommend these resources from these Human Design Projector entrepreneurs:

  • Caroline Southwell has fabulous free and paid resources to get you started.

  • Aubri Parker offers Life Purpose sessions with a foundation of Human Design and other modalities.

Another thing to know:

I am neither a Human Design expert nor a devoted follower of its guidelines.

Hello, I am a Human Design Projector entrepreneur.

I’m a 6/2 Emotional Projector, in fact, and you’ll quite likely see me acting against the strictest interpretation of my strategy, Waiting For the Invitation.


Well, you could probably explain this from a Human Design perspective by pointing to my 6/2 profile, which suggests that I learn through experimentation and do things my own way, but I’ll sum it up like this:

I believe that the ultimate authority on how to live my life is me, and I’m not about to abdicate that to any other person, system, modality or framework.

Personality and design typing systems can be useful in revealing your conditioned thinking, but they do not define or limit what you are.

You are a dynamic, gorgeous being of creativity and infinite possibilities who cannot be defined by any system, no matter how useful.

With that in mind, please run this information past your own inner knowing, see what’s true for you, and test it for yourself.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

A Quick Apology to Generators & Manifesting Generators

This article isn’t for you, my loves.

You’re likely to have all the energy you need in your business, and mostly what you’ll get from me is guidance about the work that is REALLY aligned for you, either because you’ve been working on things that don’t inspire you or you have so many ideas that you can’t make heads or tails of which way to go.

Never fear, I’m still here for you. 🙂 Check out Dani Gardner’s article, “Grow Your Business As a Human Design Generator,” for more information.

As it stands, I’ve become an unofficial business coach specializing in the “non-energy” types in Human Design: Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors entrepreneurs.

These types are typically challenged when working within the mainstream marketing and business paradigm because they need to manage their energy more carefully. The typical 9-5 work week is not sustainable for these non-energy types, and they often lack the support and encouragement to find another way. Their way.

That’s where I come in.

Non-energy types in Human Design in general need to:

  • Step away from the dominant generator model of work. Use systems and build teams to delegate and streamline your workload so that you can rest.

  • Slow down. Like, way down.

  • Honor your way of creating and marketing that aligns with your unique design.

  • Trust your Inner Authority when it comes to choices.

Your strategy in Human Design is how you’re designed to interact with the world, including your clients, customers and partners in business.

Let’s explore the Human Design strategy of these non-energy types and how it relates to marketing your business.

Human Design Projector Entrepreneurs in Marketing and Business

Projectors (like me) make up the greatest percentage of non-energy types at approximately 20% of the overall population. We’re here to be a guide for others.

The strategy for Projectors is “Waiting For the Invitation.”

I fought this one HARD because it goes against everything I was taught about marketing.

The predominant philosophy in business is to “just do it,” “hustle,” and “always be selling,” which is a recipe for exhaustion and frustration for Projectors.

My personal story is that I did a really good job of working like a Generator for most of my career. Although I always seemed to need naps and loads of sleep to get me through.

Around age 40, that pace just didn’t seem to work anymore. I simply can’t (or won’t?) push myself to work for eight hours a day.

Most of the entrepreneurial world may call this “laziness” or “lack of motivation,” I call this CHOICE.

So if you’re not designed to initiate sales conversations and promote, promote, promote, how does a Projector get business?

You can read more about my own Projector marketing experiments, and here are the strategies that are helpful for me and my Projector clients.

Jars of Sprouting Coins from following your Human Design in business

#1 – Creating content: podcasts, articles, videos, etc.

Projectors are incredibly insightful, astute observers of people. They excel at asking powerful questions, finding connections that others miss, and typically have excellent communication skills.

All of these suggest that you have a MESSAGE to share.

Whether you do it with the written or spoken word, in person or remotely, you have something valuable to say that will guide humanity.

At the end of each piece of content you create, include a call to action so that when someone recognizes you (see below) they’ll know exactly what to do next.

Some examples of calls to action:

  • “Click here to learn more about working with me.”
  • “Contact me for a free session.”
  • “Subcribe to my free tips email list here.”

In my experience, straight sales pitches to a cold audience are not going to work well for Projectors. But a content marketing strategy that leads with valuable information and includes a call to action is right up your alley.

#2 – Do what you love so you can be seen and recognized.

I’ve found that even more than being “invited” to do something, I need to be recognized first.

The feeling of being recognized (or not) is one you’ll have to explore for yourself. Here’s what it feels like for me.

When I’m recognized, the person’s energy is open and receptive. It’s as if their entire being is inviting me to see them and share what I see. 

When I’m not recognized, it’s like bumping up against an invisible force field. I can push against it, but I’m simply not welcome, and I can FEEL it.

The best way to be recognized is to do whatever you do best. Pursue what you love in an environent that lets people see you shine.

A Projector’s energy and wisdom is incredibly powerful. The people who are meant to be guided by you will recognize you right away, and pretty much everyone else will ignore you.

And that’s perfect!

You simply need to be visible and seen by those you’re meant to serve.

Some questions to assist you in this:

  • Where can you go and learn, study or practice what you love?
  • What can you speak about or teach?
  • Where can you take a position of visibility that inspires you?
  • How can you let others SEE your brilliance?
  • When and where have you felt recognized in the past?

The more you do what you love, the more visible you become. People will naturally be drawn to your guidance, and they will become your clients.

#3 – Invite your current customers and clients to do the inviting for you.

When you connect with a current or past client, say (or write) something like this:

“I’ve absolutely loved working with you, and I have a hunch you might know some amazing people I can serve. I’m looking for [insert description of your ideal client]. If you know anyone like that, I’d love to offer them a free session. If not, that’s totally okay.”

This is a no pressure way to invite your happy clients to do the inviting for you. When someone contacts you for the free session, you’ve now been invited to respond.

#4 – When you’ve been recognized, extend an invitation.

Here’s where my advice deviates from the strictest interpretations of Human Design. Feel free to ignore this if it doesn’t work for you.

Once you’ve been recognized by someone — they’ve asked you a question, responded to your post or contacted you for information — invite them to receive more.

When you sense the “connection” of recognition, this is, in my not-so-humble opinion, an invitation for you to invite them to the next step.

A few ways you might do this:

  • Invite them to a conversation.
  • Make an offer of your product or services.
  • Invite them to visit your website to learn more.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve been invited, you can always ask.

“Would you like to know more about what I do?”

Listen to the energy behind the answer. If it’s a true yes, you’ll feel it. Then proceed.

#5 – Create a tribe of people who recognize you.

This is a good idea for ANY type in Human Design, but especially for those Human Design Projector entrepreneurs who are “Waiting For the Invitation.”

Once you’ve been invited, extend an invitation for people to:

  • Subscribe to your email list.
  • Join your Facebook group.
  • Follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

This gives you a way to connect with and make an invitation to those willing people who’ve invited you into their lives. It’s permission marketing at it’s finest, and it’s SO powerful for Projectors.

Marketing For Projectors | The Workshop: How to Create Flow and Profit Following Your Human Design

Marketing For Human Design Projectors

In this 90 minute workshop, we’ll explore:

  • Why mainstream business concepts such as “showing up consistently” and “being visible” don’t work for Projectors.

  • What “waiting for the invitation” looks like when you’re doing mass marketing online, launching products and hosting events.

  • How to know which invitations to accept and which to ignore.

  • Specific business models, marketing routines and strategies well-suited for Projectors.


Human Design Manifestor Entrepreneurs In Marketing and Business

Fist bumping Projector, Reflector and Manifestor Human Design entrepreneurs

Manifestors make up about 8% of the population and these beings are leaders with a powerful voice. When they speak in alignment with their truth, they are impossible to ignore.

Your strategy is to “Inform.”

Manifestors are the only type according to Human Design that’s designed to go out and initiate what you want to do. The key is that you need to tell people what you’re doing before you do it.

Here are some marketing and business strategies that seem to work well for my Manifestor clients.

#1 – Slow down — just a little — to inform people before taking action.

Many Manifestors have been conditioned to avoid telling people what they’re doing because in the past, people tried to stop them. They end up encountering resistance as a result because they do it anyway on the sly.

Remember that you’re informing, not asking for permission. You’re just telling them what you’re going to do, no matter what they think. You still get to do it!

When you inform people of what you’re doing to do, it enrolls the right people in your project so they can help you make it happen. And then the rest can get the hell out of your way. 🙂

Test it out for yourself and notice what happens when you inform people versus when you don’t.

#2 – Use your voice as marketing: speaking, writing, podcasts, video, and conversation.

I’ve yet to meet a Manifestor who didn’t have a powerful, potent, almost unstoppable voice. It’s compelling and magnetic.

Use it in your marketing to tell people what you’re doing and get them engaged to join. It’s what you were born to do.

#3 – Initiate conversations with powerful, interesting people.

You were designed to open doors, businesses and conversations that make things happen.

Don’t be afraid to assert yourself by addressing people in “high places.” Your energy and presence is potent enough to pull it off.

Consider things like:

  • Writing a letter to the editor
  • Asking for a meeting with a CEO
  • Inviting people to interviews and discovery calls
  • Talking to the most interesting person in the room at a networking event

Your energy will open doors for you. While not everyone will respond positively, those who are aligned will join forces with yours, and together, you’ll accomplish great things.

#4 – Create a team, inform them, and let them do the work.

Like all the non-energy types in Human Design, you’re not built for the typical 40 hour (or 60 – 80 hour) work week.

Conserve your energy for doing the leading and speaking you do best. Build a team to help you do everything else.

This can be challenging for Manifestors who’ve grown up feeling intensely alone, largely because they’ve misunderstood the way they’re designed to live and why others tried so hard to control them.

When it’s your team of people devoted to your cause, I promise, it will be different.

Because the Manifestor energy is so strong, it’s helpful to temper your strength with compassion and patience. The more you inform and engage people by honoring their contribution to your creations, the easier your path will be.

Human Design Reflector Entrepreneurs In Marketing and Business

Reflectors are the most rare type in Human Design, making up only 1% of the population.

Reflectors have the Lunar Strategy of waiting 28 days before making a decision.


Can you imagine the challenge for Reflectors in a business environment where you’re supposed to decide instantly?

I’ve been blessed to coach three different Reflectors, all of them fascinating beings with fascinating gifts to share through business, and they are finding success despite the challenges.

Here are the marketing strategies that seem to be most successful for Reflectors in business.

#1 – Gather an inspiring community around you.

Reflectors are designed to sample energies and reflect the health of the community. Consider the people who inspire you, and allow your contributions and voice to be recognized.

Facebook groups, networking meetings, sharing circles, group coaching, retreats and events, use these to engage with your community.

Your gifts of reflection will be highly valued and quickly recognized in your community. Be aware of choosing a community who inspires and enlightens you, as theirs will be the energies moving through you.

#2 – Create and share content when you’re inspired.

My Reflector clients may choose life at a slower pace, but they move FAST when inspired!

Use that inspiration to share your message on social media, in blog posts, on your podcast, or whatever else you may be moved to do.

Because Reflectors are sampling energies, it’s likely you’ll find your content and voice may change, even radically, over time. You’re brilliant at intuiting exactly what your community needs to hear, so trust it.

#3 – Build a team to do the work.

You’re not designed for a typical eight hour work day. 

Implement systems and create a team to run the everyday activities of your business while you focus on what you do best: communicating, facilitating and sharing in your community.

#4 – Slow way down and create a business with an abundance of space, alone time and rest.

The Reflectors I’ve coached experience emotional and physical distress that can even lead to health problems if they work too hard without a break.

Include at least one or two days per week without any work, and preferably when you can spend much of that time alone. Time in nature and self-care routines are essential to discharge the energies moving through you.

Yes, you can do it! It’s not selfishness; it’s a gift for all of us. We need you at your best creating your joy.

More Help With Marketing By Your Human Design

I’m a Human Design-friendly business coach who is absolutely passionate about helping you create soul aligned marketing strategies and irresistible messaging for your business.

Apply for a free Wild Creation session with me here and we’ll explore YOUR design for living and going business.

Whatever you choose to do, please test these suggestions out for yourself.

I believe that you know what’s aligned for your business, even if it’s confusing in the moment. When your thoughts settle, you’ll know what to do.

If that includes me, I’m honored to be part of your journey. 🙂

Yours in love and play,