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It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update my #NoSocialMedia journey of quitting social media for my business. So this is it! You can access my past updates here:

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Reflections On My Exit From Social Media

I remember when I made the announcement on Facebook that I was leaving social media by inviting people who’d like to stay in touch to join my email list instead.

Most people were encouraging. Some congratulated me on making the choice they wish they had the courage to make. A few mentioned how grateful they were to have met me through social media, and expressed sadness at my leaving.

“You’ll be back,” one woman commented, in an imagined smug voice echoing the doubts in my head.

It wasn’t an easy decision when everyone (and by “everyone” I mean mainstream business experts and their wisdom parroted by their followers) says you simply must have active social media accounts if you want a thriving business.

The message that social media is absolutely required is relentless.

Book publishers demand a minimum social media audience from their authors.

The success of podcasts and YouTube channels is measured in part by the size of their social media following.

I get emails weekly from service providers soliciting my business, remarking on the pitiful size of my podcast audience and offering to help me grow it on YouTube.

The message is real, both inside my head and outside – but it’s inside my head that counts.

It’s been over two years now since I quit social media, and a lot has happened.

It started as an experiment. I left my accounts live. (They still are, though they haven’t been used for most of that time.)

“I’ll leave for 1 – 3 months to see what happens.” That’s what I said to coax myself into doing it.

As each month passed, I checked in. Did I want to return? Was my bank account drying up?

No and no. So I stayed the course.

I used alternative strategies to grow my business, and it worked!

But I need to tell you something…

Recently, I got scared.

Immigrating to Portugal this year turned my life upside down. I had stopped doing some of the activities that created content and activity within my business (a hiatus from my podcast and free events) and it had an impact. And who knows if the Google algorithm shifted with my move to foreign IP address?

Fewer conversations. Less money coming in.

I began to question myself.

Meanwhile, the transformative coaching I do was getting more impactful. My clients were getting better results than ever. I’d even hired an (expensive) coach for a one–year mentorship to go even deeper.

What was I doing wrong?

Now that I’m on the other side of this freakout, I’m so grateful for the experience. It’s showing me everywhere I still think I need money to be okay and to feel secure. Much as I’ve come to trust and even delight in the Unknown, it brought to the surface where I’ve been seeking security in external things like money and clients and plans.

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New Insights About Creation & Business Without Social Media

Here are some of the big things I’ve learned:

New ideas will ALWAYS come – even if you’re in a bad mood. I watched myself go up and down the rollercoaster of emotion. It was astonishing to watch the new ideas drop in, even in the midst of my funk!

You don’t need to feel good to take action. I’ve learned in writing that you don’t have to wait for inspiration to show up to start. In fact, that’s a huge mistake. You sit down, put your fingers on the keys and WRITE your shitty first draft.

The same thing applies in any creation. Simply begin. Anywhere.

Insecurity never has to stop you from doing what is yours to do.

The second you focus on creating what you want, instead of your insecurities, your entire experience shifts to a positive one. What a gift! Sometimes when I start creating, those insecure thoughts linger for a while, but at some point I get more interested in what I’m creating than what I think about it…and like magic I’m feeling inspired and motivated.

Falling out of a nice feeling isn’t a problem – you can always bring your attention back to what you want to create. Writer’s block or fear of visibility isn’t a “problem” you have to solve. It’s a name we’ve given to the feeling of insecure thinking. And we don’t have to listen to it. Ever.

The gentle and curious exploration of my experience has helped me see through these insecure thoughts. Of course, they come. That’s what thoughts do. Of course, I get swept away by them sometimes. That’s what humans do.

But it didn’t stop me from creating. The momentum is amazing and already bearing fruit in terms of the service I’m delivering for more people, the money entering my bank account, and the FUN that I’m having in the process.

What’s Next For Me in New Alternatives to Social Media Marketing

I’ll bring it back to the tangibles for a minute so that you can see how practical the inner journey of seeing how Thought creates our reality really is. It is this exploration that has made the greatest impact in my life and the lives of my clients.

Watch Bradley Morris’ workshop for 18 Good Reasons to Break Free From Social Media:

Touring my Signature Workshop – I’ve created a free workshop (with help from Bradley’s course at Majik Media) that I will present to other people’s communities as a warm introduction to more people. Stay tuned to see how that turns out!

YouTube videos – I’ll start creating short excerpts of my podcast and video presentations to share on YouTube. While the platform has some “social media” aspects, it’s much less of a rabbit hole than Facebook and Instagram, in my opinion.

Paid newsletter advertising – This is an under-utilized and effective way to reach your target audience. I used to sell sponsored emails to advertisers myself in the past, and when the audience match is good and the ad is proven, it gets great results. More testing to come on this one.

Community engagement – This has always proven to be a win for me. By simply being myself in communities with common interests (coaching communities, heart-centered entrepreneurs) partners, clients and students find me naturally.

Strategic Content Creation – My content is strong and I have a lot to share! Getting a bit strategic in terms of including keyword phrases for SEO or syndicating my content to various news sources or websites yields results.

A New Membership and Community Experiences – A new community platform is a long time coming and it finally feels right. When it’s complete, my new IMPACT membership will contain the best of what I’ve learned about growing an authentic, impactful and profitable business, and it gives me multiple ways to serve people at different price points.

These are the ideas occurring to me now. Some will work (and already are.) Others may not yield any results.

Figuring out whether they’ll work or not isn’t my job – my only job is to act on what I know to do.

The aliveness of creation will always, always, always point me in the direction of what I need to thrive. It’s 100% reliable.

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What’s Next For Your Business?

You’re invited to have a conversation with me about how you can create clients and impact through your business in ways that feel yummy and fun. (That’s the technical term for it.)

Tell me what you’re up to here and we’ll have a leisurely, no pressure chat. If you’re a fit for one of my offerings, you’ll know, and if not, we’ll enjoy our time together.

Yours in love and play,